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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Alex Smith

Happy Holidays!

I'm more of a "Merry Christmas" than "Happy Holidays" person but since I'm late and the latter also includes "Happy New Year" I'll go with that. :)

Had a wonderful Christmas at lastcatastrophe's place with fightgravity and backcheck. She made delicious cookies and we played Beatles Rock Band and Wii Sport and watched Sherlock Holmes (which I really liked) and Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares and it was just a wonderful time.

Chip, Alex, Tessa, Jenny and I exchanged Christmas gifts early because Chip and Jenny were spending Christmas in Truckee and Loomis. Chip and Jenny got me a couple of lower bowl center ice tickets to the 1/28 Blackhawks game! And then Jenny told me she had messaged Lira on Facebook to find out what game I'd like to go to and... I started crying, which was somewhat surprising to me. :P

Watched the 49ers meaningless game against the Lions and I kind of squeaked when Alex Smith elected to throw a TD pass to Vernon Davis instead of running it in himself (which he could easily have done), possibly to help him tie or pass the record for most TDs by a tight end in a year. It was kind of like the football equivalent of passing to someone for an empty netter. I've never really seen anything like that happen in football. Not that football players are selfish jerks, but that situation arises very rarely.

Going to the Coyotes game tonight with backcheck thanks to tersa! *hops*

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I still remember when you came to see me for Christmas... I will probably always remember that. It was the first time I have lived far enough away from home that I didn't see my family on Christmas Day and you helped make it a very special day for me. I will always love you for that... My Leeney!

Dude, that was so much fun! I went skiing for the first time (and terrified a small boy) and there was BUST-A-MOVE! Thank you so much for having me, I had a really good time. :D

Ahhhhh so much food, so much fun. I don't want to leave yet!


I <3 your :O!


It looks like a surprised man with a tie in a wind tunnel.


OMG that's the cutest thing ever. Poor guy, not only is he shocked, but he's also got wind blowing in his face. That's just uncalled for.

I still need to mail those Winter Classic (2009) DVDs to you! What's your address?

Lira is awesome smothered in all kinds of fabulous sauce for hosting my dumb ass. And making yummy treats!!


I'm reading studies regarding how accurately we can guess someones sexual orientation, ability to win presidency, etc. through headshots of random people. Hence:

So which features might hint at belligerence? Sell suspects the brow ridge and jaw, two structures that are shaped by testosterone in puberty. (High testosterone has been linked with masculine looks as well as with aggression.) Other scientists propose a different measure: the width-to-height ratio of the face, as measured from cheek to cheek and lip to brow. Last year, a team of Canadian psychologists showed that men with wider faces (think Ernie) score higher in lab tests of aggression than slender-faced men (think Bert). They also found that wide-faced hockey players rack up more penalty minutes. Now, two studies in Psychological Science—one from August and another forthcoming—reinforce the notion that stout-faced men appear tougher and are more likely to behave in aggressive and untrustworthy ways.

Hockey is a brilliant way to study features v aggression! BRILLIANT. I am now looking up photos of any name I can remember the three of you were gushing over.

And this ends any input I can have regarding the wonderful sport of Hockey. Although I have to say I am always amused by their swooshing across the ice, and trying so hard to make it look manly. Don't they realize it is just adorible? Adorible.

Ahh, but do they take into account the fact that hockey helmets DEFORM PLAYERS' FOREHEADS??? Or at least that what it looks like to me. Having a dent in your skull can't be natural. :(

But just thinking vaguely about it, I do think pretty much all of the "enforcers" in the league have wide faces! But is that because those faces have been pummeled so much? Hmm...

Sorry I was lame and took ten million years to respond to this. I would have asked you to watch the outdoor game at Fenway which was lots of fun! Umm, next year?

I love you and am glad you had a wonderful Christmas!

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