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Happy Holidays!

I'm more of a "Merry Christmas" than "Happy Holidays" person but since I'm late and the latter also includes "Happy New Year" I'll go with that. :)

Had a wonderful Christmas at lastcatastrophe's place with fightgravity and backcheck. She made delicious cookies and we played Beatles Rock Band and Wii Sport and watched Sherlock Holmes (which I really liked) and Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares and it was just a wonderful time.

Chip, Alex, Tessa, Jenny and I exchanged Christmas gifts early because Chip and Jenny were spending Christmas in Truckee and Loomis. Chip and Jenny got me a couple of lower bowl center ice tickets to the 1/28 Blackhawks game! And then Jenny told me she had messaged Lira on Facebook to find out what game I'd like to go to and... I started crying, which was somewhat surprising to me. :P

Watched the 49ers meaningless game against the Lions and I kind of squeaked when Alex Smith elected to throw a TD pass to Vernon Davis instead of running it in himself (which he could easily have done), possibly to help him tie or pass the record for most TDs by a tight end in a year. It was kind of like the football equivalent of passing to someone for an empty netter. I've never really seen anything like that happen in football. Not that football players are selfish jerks, but that situation arises very rarely.

Going to the Coyotes game tonight with backcheck thanks to tersa! *hops*
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