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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Sunny got traded

So Sunny's going to Montreal and we're getting this injury-prone defenseman who hasn't played all season.

Yeah. I'm going to go into denial for a bit now.

I finished writing Rebecca's birthday fic this morning, and I think I have enough info to start on Bernie's birthday fic, research be damned. *grin*

I am a freak who sort of liked my dentist today. But Frala is too! Sorry for outing you.

Time to go home and wallow, I guess. :(

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*hugs sunny*

hee you soo outed me *giggles* I do enjoy the dentist lol

*hugs you again*

*hugs him too*

Hehe, we're so strange!

*hugs* Thank you :)

*giggle* yes we are but its fun!!

*HUGS you* I can't believe they sent him to Montreal :(

*hugs* Thanks Ara, I still can't believe it myself ... :(

*huge giagantic hug*


Maria called me last night like right when it happened (when it was just a deal between Montreal and SJ, before they'd tossed McLaren into the mix) and was like "Are you sitting down?" *hugs* I can't believe they traded your boy. Trades SUCK. SUCK, SUCK, SUCK.

If it's any consolation... you won the Kyle McLaren Sweepstakes? Everybody and their mother has been falling over him this season to get him. YOU got him. Ummmm... he'll definitely help you guys... I know that's shitty comfort words, but... ermmm... he's definitely highly slashable? Homeboy does dye his hair, afterall.

*hugs* Again, I cannot say how sorry I am.

Sunny for Hackett must have sounded like the most bizarre trade ever.

*hugs* Thanks, Flan. And they really do. Those and injuries. *sniffle*

I heard we were coveting him, and I was like ... "Argh, but he hasn't played all season!" Although I guess that means he's uhh, well-rested?

Thanks so much Flan *rests head on your shoulder sadly*

Aww! *hugs* I'm sorry :*(

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