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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Quarterback controversy

The latest episode of Dollhouse was so amazingly good. This is why I will watch anything Joss Whedon does. :)

Was sitting through yet another 49ers game of ineptitude today (which I'd thought wouldn't be happening anymore) and I thought, man if Alex Smith was the QB, at least this would be unbearable. Instead I was just sort of resentful of Shaun Hill.

And then they put Alex Smith in the second half!!! :D He could have been just as inept and I would have been happy, but he went and like... threw 3 touchdown passes to Vernon Davis (♥ ♥ ♥) and I kind of exploded with happiness. Would have been nice to have won the game, but really, wouldn't have made things all that much better. :P Just seeing his confidence and quick decision-making was really rewarding.

I liked what I saw from Michael Crabtree. Yeah, he's a diva, but the best wide receivers all have a little diva to them. I don't know if the 49ers just feared good wide receivers after the TO experience, but it's so nice to have someone who looks like he's going to be able to reliably make plays.

After the team's performance, I pretty much knew that the analysts and fans were going to be abuzz with talk of a "quarterback controversy" and starting Alex Smith in the next game. I got kind of excited at the prospect at first, then I found out we're playing the Colts. *gulp* Perfectly fine with having Shaun Hill start that game! :P

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Bri and I actually watched Dollhouse on Friday - coincidentally, it was the first episode I've seen all the way through since the pilot. It was compelling, but the episode really highlighted the reason I can't watch the show. The whole concept just creeps me out entirely too much.

They definitely delve into all the horrible consequences of the technology in some of the other episodes in the series. Even though I think Dollhouse has gotten a lot better, my current favourite sci-fi/fantasy show is Fringe. I look forward to every episode, even though they do a bit of the X-Files type freak of the week thing.

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