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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Groin Status

Life imitating art?

Havlat and Sykora are both out with groin injuries.

I don't even know what to say.

Just read an article from the Mercury News that started with "Marc-Edouard Vlasic ran a hand through his thick, dark hair" and immediately was concerned that it was going to launch into some unfortunate PWP. I'm conditioned!

It turned out to be a really nice article about him being a young veteran and stuff and aside from the trauma of Rob Blake saying that Vlasic is "so good with his stick", I'm very proud.

[Edit: Sad that Christine Lahti is (most likely) at the end of her guest stint on SVU as the ADA. Her character was super annoying but I loved the interaction between her and Stabler, especially when she slapped him and then he just sort of smiled at her.]

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/gasping with laughter

You know what's fantastic is that all the Canucks fans immediately recognized that it's Trevor Linden's groin...

Havlat and Sykora are both out with groin injuries. Somewhere Hossa is pissed off. ;)


He's probably been in a bad mood since Petr signed with the Wild!

I still hate her character on SVU. I want Alex back.

But that's what made her so interesting! And it gave everyone else in the cast a chance to play off of her.

wow they didn't have an anorexia todler playing the ADA? i am amazed!

The most recent ADA was too glamorous for my taste but I really liked Alex and Casey. Alex is comig back after Christine Lahti leaves. Wish they could keep her around on some basis.

Also, when does poor Olivia get laid again???

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