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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Need sleep badly

Crap. Insomnia sucks.

I dreamt that I had Canucks PPV. I never realized that I'd subconsciously made it into this wondrous, mythical thing until I had that dream. *peers enviously at frala* There was an interview with Nazzy, but I couldn't figure out a thing he was saying. Actually, that would be pretty realistic, because whenever I watch an interview with a hockey player I like, I never hear anything they say the first time. *grin* Oh, and I was writing him last night! Holy crap, I had a dream that makes sense!

Chip said Mike Modano looks like a woodchuck.

Buffy was so good last night! *weeps* And even when it's bad (for Buffy), it's still better than almost every other show in television.

Today will be a good writing day, I vow it will! I will write/research while listening to Devils/Sharks *cringe* Hmm, and I wonder if there will be more magical fic from stormshaman soon ... :)

Stumbling back into bed now ...

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heeeeee nice dream *gg* when nazzy was shirtless I wasnt listening to him at all *cough*

*giggles* Woodchuck lol

when we eventually move to alberta I wont get any canucks ppv's anymore and unless we have centre ice there no canuck games *hyperventilates* *gg*

I missed Buffy but have it to watch on saturday I so cant wait!!!

sweet dreams :)

He was fully clothed in my dream (unfortunately) but he was in serious mode. *sighs happily*

*shrieks* Centre Ice must be a priority! *giggle*

awwwwww serious nazzy *licks*

It soo has to be!!!!! I'll miss the ppvs though :(

Yeah, he's especially hot like that. *grin*

Ahh, the wondrous PPVs! *sighs wistfully*

*grin* and how.

they so rock *hugs*

Chip said Mike Modano looks like a woodchuck.

He so does.


Fuck off.


My momma calls him Bucky Beaver.

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