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Labyrinthitis is not an allergy to labyrinths

So I woke up early yesterday feeling like my head was spinning. Then I opened my eyes and it looked like everything was spinning violently. I closed my eyes and tried to fall back asleep but I kept feeling the sensation of spinning and getting more and more nauseous so finally I got up. Everything was still spinning and I was so dizzy I crashed into the walls a few times going down the hallway to the bathroom.

I finally made it to the sink to throw up and after keeping my eyes open for a while the spinning finally stopped. It was awful and really scary while I was lying in bed cos' I didn't know what was going on and why I was feeling that way.

There was ringing in my ears and they felt a little blocked, like what happens when you ascend/descend rapidly. I figured it was some kind of inner ear problem since that controls balance and detects motion.

Just before I was so rudely awakened, I was dreaming about being in a semi-relationship with some guy and there was vague sex involved. It was one of those dreams where the person resembles some famous person but that's not who they're supposed to be in the dream. They're just a regular person there.

Anyway, as I was throwing up, I was thinking about the dream and trying to figure out who the person was, and then finally I realized that it was Barry Zito and I was horribly traumatized.

I checked my symptoms and WebMD and they matched labyrinthitis perfectly. This is just a fancy name for inflammation of the inner ear. :P I'm actually okay if I avoid tilting my head to the left or right, which triggers the vertigo (the spinning feeling). Just like Lucille 2 from Arrested Development!

After throwing up a few times in the morning, I recovered sufficiently to walk very slowly (felt that being in a moving vehicle would be unwise) to the doctor and she did indeed diagnose labyrinthitis and prescribed meclizine. It's used to treat motion sickness, sorta' like dramamine and it got rid of the nausea.

I woke up a few times at night because I had to sleep on my back and I sleep on my side but it wasn't too bad. Still have ringing in my ears and am slightly deaf, but I've managed to avoid triggering any more vertigo attacks so far and I'm working from home today.

In conclusion, having sex with Barry Zito makes me throw up.

In more cheerful news, it appears that the pairing that never was (except in some other world *coughs*) and had no basis in reality is... becoming? After like... 6 years.

I got so excited last night I almost gave myself another vertigo attack when Petr scored on the give-and-go with Marty and then fell down (Petr always ends up on his ass at least once per game) and then got up to leap on Marty! A leap on their first goal together! Usually it takes a few goals before Petr jumps on people!

From Havlat's Twitter:
Going to shut it down to LA after practice. Me and old times!

Also, he did this Twitter Q&A thing and answered like 7 questions out of 600+ people asked and this was one of them:
Who is more handsome? Me or Petr Sykora? Giving credit to Siki here. LOL

The Wild beat writer is starting to make them his OTP:
I'm sure Havlat would love to still be with Koivu, but I can guarantee he loves the fact he’s with Sykora. He even tweeted early this morning how it felt like old times. The two have played together in a number of international tournaments and definitely showed on that one give-and-go goal that they’ve got chemistry.
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