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The Invincible M.A.E.

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The 49ers are a real football team

I'm contemplating getting the MLB iPhone app for $5 so that I can listen to playoff games...

I could not be more proud of Vernon Davis and Patrick Willis. :D Vernon had some key catches, including a touchdown and Patrick Willis got an interception he returned for a touchdown, 2.5 sacks and was just really solid with his tackling, as always. Glen Coffee is not Frank Gore, but he did a decent job and got a few long runs in.

The first half was really painful to watch. Both offenses were terrible. The only reason the 49ers scored any points at all was that one of the Rams kicked the ball on a punt, making it a live ball, and one of the 49ers dove onto it in the end zone.

I'd like to think of that half as therapy for last week when Favre threw that winning TD pass with 2 seconds left in the game. :P The 49ers played much better in the second half. I'm glad that they got to play a crappy team this week and not say... the Colts. *shudder*

The Giants won their last game of the season in the 10th inning on Pablo's home run with Brian Wilson getting the save. I haven't watched the game yet as I was watching the 49ers. A nice way to end things I think, for a team that surpassed everyone's expectations this season.

I don't feel sad about their season being over. I have the 49ers and... the Minnesota Wild (presumably Petr will not be invisible for the next 81 games) to follow. But I did feel sad when we drove past the empty ballpark on Friday, knowing it would stay that way until next March.

[Edit: You know how you can recognize your favourite hockey players by the way they skate? I can now recognize Vernon Davis by the way he jumps and catches balls. Scary.]

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Watch Pablo's catch in the bottom of the 7th.
He goes over the dugout barrier-thingy and into the dugout, catches the ball, and then flips over into the dugout.
Buster Posey catches him, lol.

When you say that Buster Posey caught him, is that just a nice way of saying that he broke his fall? :P

Haha, yeah.
If he had actually caught him I'm pretty sure Posey wouldn't play ever again.

The second half was nice. (From what I could tell. I was recovering from having been out the night before, gah.) I'm really looking forward to the next game against the Falcons, but I have no idea as to how that will go.

Oh, and speaking of the Wild, are you going to the game on Saturday? I might go, I haven't decided yet.

As always, my only hope is that they don't embarrass themselves. :P

I didn't realize that the Wild game was coming up so soon! Unfortunately my labyrinthitis won't be going away by then so I don't think I'm going. :\

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