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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Patrick Marleau

Why is everything on Thursday?

So tonight there's a ton of TV shows I'm interested in watching: Bones, Fringe, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, FlashForward and The Mentalist. The Sharks season opener is tonight too. At least the Giants are playing a day game so there isn't a conflict with that as well.

WTF? I know that Thursday commercial slots are more valuable because it's the day before movies come out but did they really have to cram everything on one day? :P Move some stuff to Wednesday!

I don't think I could possibly be any less enthusiastic about the start of hockey season as I am right now. I mean, I hated Joe Thornton but I was aware on another level that it was a good trade. But this? I've been good at burying my head in the sand but when I saw the article headlines that the Sharks were going to name a new captain it all caught up to me and I started crying. It just hurts because Patty and Cheech are the two guys who most represent the Sharks to me.

I briefly thought about watching Bones and Fringe live instead of the Sharks game because I get them in HD if they're live, but decided against it because I'll have to sit through commercials. Am I going to feel this bad before every Sharks game this season?

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Bones was on last night! Or is that just in Canada? It doesn't really matter, Glee is the only show I'll try to watch live, everything else I watch online. Legally! At Global or CTV's website.

Yeah, I think the TV schedule is different for the US and Canada. Between my TiVo and PVR, I can usually record everything and other stuff I'll watch online or BitTorrent (as a final resort).

I watch way too much TV. I'm considering just queueing a bunch of stuff up to watch after baseball season ends because between hockey, baseball and football I think that fills my TV quota. :P

MAE!!!! Now that I have PVR I am watching real tv shows haha, I dont know why I felt so excited to tell you that haha

You're out of the stone age!!!

I KNOW! lol its amazing.

I watched my first hd game last night WHOA hahaha

It's weird, I think football looks amazing in HD, baseball is quite good, but for hockey I don't actually appreciate that much of a difference between SD and HD. Maybe I'll change my mind if I see the Sharks in HD. Never mind, not with Heatley on my team. *weeps*

i dont wattch any other sports but the flick between channels is astounding to me

What? What do you mean by flick?

like between the hd game adn the game on regular snet

Without Captain Marleau and the Cheechoo Train, the Sharks are just... non-endearing. :(

I'm still excited, but there's just this awful bitter taste in my mouth, too.

That's just because the sight of Heatley made you throw up too! Ahahahaha... *weeps*

I guess it would be weird to give Patty an A after him being C, but it fucks with my mind that he has no letter at all anymore. :( And Rob Blake! Ew.

I think a lot of it -- especially the Heatley part of it -- will improve with time. (Seriously, it comes down to watching around him, and/or finding a way to wish ill on him and good for the team at the same time, at which I'm an expert . . .). It probably won't be the same, which is the shittiest part, but it'll be okay. *cuddles*

I think I'll be pretty good at ignoring him. And in a way, I kind of like that he neutralizes Joe Thornton, haha. I never liked Patty and Joe on the same line, although they were quite effective.

*cuddles* Thanks!

FlashForward FTW! And it's on again tomorrow night. :)

I noticed that! (Or rather my PVR noticed it) This makes me happy!

Ugh. I'm so conflicted too. I wanted to watch the replay of the Giants game, Grey's Anatomy and the Sharks game.

I'm kind of glad that school ended early today. I guess the reason they gave Joe Thornton the A was that Doug wanted to still put pressure on him, reminding him that he still needs to step up his game, especially if they want to go all the way, and that he also needs to be held responsible. Especially when the Sharks got eliminated last year, he didn't even talk to the media afterward.

It makes me sad, but at least Patty is still there(and better stay there, or else I will seriously go postal on someone).

I haven't watched the Sharks game yet but I'm kind of perversely happy that Heatley was a -3! Hate hate hate.

It was a bad, bad game. Defense was pretty sloppy.
Only thing I would really watch for are Patty's goals.
And since you hate him so much, the Sharks were 5-on-3, and Heatley missed a wide open net.

Then I switched over to the replay of the Giants game. That was a lot more fun.

Good thing he was picked up for his clutch scoring!

My two favourite pitchers in the same game! :D

Well, hopefully he does better this game.

Haha, I thought Haren was going to get ejected during the game.
I'm still surprised he didn't.

Ahh... I haven't watched the game yet. Did he throw a tantrum???

Sort of. He was getting mad at the umpire cause of the strike zone, and the pitching coach had to step in in one of the innings, and the pitching coach got ejected. Then the manager got ejected.

You know, I thought I was getting excited during the preseason, but today I'm not feeling it. :/ Maybe part of it is because I don't have access to Versus, heh. So I have the Sharks game on the radio and I'm watching Canucks-Flames.

Gaaaah Flames just scored.

My hopes are mostly pinned on the Wild, haha. Watching the Wild/BJs game right now.

oh is that why Thursday is such a big night? i suppose it is the last gasp since no one plays anything decent on fridays.

I am looking forward to flash forward.

I think it's a stupid question, but why no good hockey on Fridays? I mean, EPL always has some exciting fixtures for Fridays, so why not hockey?

I wonder if it's because Saturday is perceived as a better night for drawing people to games compared to Friday and generally teams won't play back to back that much so Saturday wins over Saturday.

Yeah, they know people generally watch movies on Friday night so they want to get their last pitch in. Friday is pretty much a graveyard for TV shows now, sadly.

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