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Just like that, only gayer

Got the latest Sporting News magazine yesterday and when I opened it, I went straight to this full page photo of Timmy and Matty smiling gaily together. Then I read the title of the article - a quote from one of them "I just LOVE watching him pitch" - and then I started choking and had to stop reading.

Now that I've recovered, a day later, I read the whole interview, and it is gay almost beyond belief. It's like the writer and photographer gave them instructions to be as gay as possible or something.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Okay, stand closer together, closer, closer, lean on him. Okay, smile. Bigger smiles. More gay. MORE GAY. GAY! GAY! GAY!

INTERVIEWER: So, why are you in love with each other? *coughs* I mean, what about the other guy's personality appeals to you most?

There are also all kinds of disturbing references to "dominance", made even more disturbing in light of Timmy's comments about having Matty put a leash on him at the All-Star Game. :( Timmy actually says that Matty "sneaky-dominates you". :( Also, the writer calls Matty Timmy's "partner in dominance". :( And Matty has nicknames for Timmy that he can't talk about. :(

All of this makes me feel amazed, repulsed, squeeful and cringy all at the same time.l They're kind of mushy in describing how their relationship developed (very romantic comedy) but then they end with bickering and it makes me want to give them milk and cookies. I'll post the whole interview to LJ eventually when I'm not feeling quite so overcome. :P

The 49ers played a really good game today, I thought, especially given that they lost Gore on the first play. They definitely didn't embarrass themselves (which was all I was hoping for) and even would have won the game if not for Favre's TD pass with 2 seconds left. I'm so so proud of Vernon Davis (he's a Terp, flanneryflyer!) finally emerging as a reliable target for receptions. This is definitely a game to feel good about. :)

Alex and Tessa went to a B&B on Thursday and Friday night so I ended up babysitting overnight. :) They were concerned that she might be terror baby and cry a bunch and not go to sleep, but she slept through the night on Thursday. She woke up at 4:30 AM on Friday night but after I found her pacifier and gave it back to her she just went straight back to sleep. Other than that, we just had fun playing and hanging out and she was a very good baby.

Then last night after dinner she gave me a "nose squish" which is basically pressing her nose lightly against yours as a display of affection. She hasn't done that with anyone else but her parents. *sniffle*

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