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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Nice debut

Wild beat Blackhawks 3-0 in the preseason debut of Marty and Petr. Marty scores 2 goals and Petr scores 1. I think the Czechs are getting along. :D

I watched the first two episodes of Supernatural yesterday. I thought the season premiere was pretty good until the Wincest fan appeared. I don't understand the point of drawing attention to the bad parts of fandom: bad writing, Mary Sue self-insertion. Are they trying to acknowledge the support of the slashers? There are nicer ways to do it. Are they mocking slashers? What's the point? Some boring Sam/Dean argument angst. Has nobody working on that show noticed that Jensen can't do dramatic acting? Zzz...

As always with the show, I liked the little touches they put in. Like the way the angels just disappear and everyone is left just looking around. I enjoyed the Needful Things rip-off from the second episode. I think the show is at its best when ripping off good stuff. :)

Really proud of the 49ers today. I love the increased role of Vernon Davis and that he's becoming more dependable. Patrick Willis was great as usual, and OMG Frank Gore with the 2 75+ TD runs. Insanity. Still not liking Shaun Hill, but he's an adequate guy to have until we get a real QB. Next week will be a really big test against the Vikings. Even if they lose, I hope to see a good showing, i.e. they don't embarrass themselves.

Giants lose, Rockies win. Didn't watch the Giants game (49ers in HD was on at the same time) but sad that Timmy lost. Getting excited for the MLB playoffs to start regardless of whether the Giants are in it or not. :)

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What Needful Things ripoff? I haven't seen that movie in foreverrrrrr.

I was thinking about the book. The same idea's been used tons of times, though, turning the inhabitants of a small town against each other.

I liked Marty's tweet about he and his Syki. ;)

Oh man, I was dying. I've never seen it spelled as "Siki" before!

dude the fanservice in that show is astonishing, it makes me cringe.

I like it better when we all pretend we don't exist, Im looking at you dude fro inglorious basterds.

I feel as if fans of that show love the things that I hate about it, and hate the things that I love.

Don't people understand that staying underground is a good thing? Do people really want slash to become the next persecuted, misunderstood group who parents (guilty about not actually spending the time to raise their children properly) blame when something goes wrong, like D&D from the '80s or whatever.

Gah, now I want to go to the Wild games too. I noticed they're both on Saturdays...hmm...

Yay Niners! When the second TD happened I was working on the computer, and I thought at first that it was a replay of the first TD. :P

Petr is going to fall completely in love with Marty.

Hehe first he went one way, then the other. Today's game will be a good measuring stick for the team. I just hope they don't embarrass themselves. :P

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