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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Barry Zito

Oh, Zito

Went to the Giants game yesterday with lastcatastrophe and fightgravity. ♥ It's crazy how Timmy goes out there, strikes out 11 and gives up only 1 run (on a wild pitch) and somehow it's still a slightly shaky performance for him.

And Zito is insanely good against the Rockies again. I've never seen him strike that many guys out before. The "let's go, Zito" chant made me kind of weepy. Going to tomorrow's game with fightgravity! :D

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Lucky girl! Have fun tonight :)

It was a valiant effort to come back, but who are we kidding, Matt Cain was the starter. :P

that was a horrible 9th innning, your hopes rose and shattered all within 10 minutes. I practically lost my voice screaming too. =(

It was quite exciting, but once Renteria didn't do anything (I was expecting him to parallel the previous home Rockies game), I wasn't too hopeful.

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