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The Invincible M.A.E.

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MLB/SVU crossover???

Today has been a good sports day! I went to the Giants game with x_caligirlx3 and they won 7-2. :D The Rockies lost and I stayed in the park to catch the last 4 minutes of the 49ers game on one of the TVs. A bunch of other people stayed to watch it too and we were an impromptu cheering section.

I have also traumatized x_caligirlx3 for life by telling her that Schierholtz looks like he could play an alleged rapist on SVU, muahahaha!!! Zito could also be an SVU perp. He'd be the sneaky rapist who gets evidence excluded on technicalities and stuff.

The Giants offense was surprisingly not terrible today! And then towards the end, the Dodgers just gave up defensively, which probably earned the Giants another 2-3 runs. I have tickets for tomorrow's game against the Rockies. Timmy is starting. :D

(Still ignoring that trade.)

[Edit: I got really excited watching the most recent version of SVU cos' Matt Saracen, the QB from Friday Night Lights was in it! I was like OMG MATT SARACEN IS A CHILD MOLESTER!!! But then they arrested another guy so I thought that maybe he just had that small role in one scene, but then there was a twist and I was like OMG MATT SARACEN IS A CHILD MOLESTER AFTER ALL!!!

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Zito would make an excellent SVU rapist!

Perhaps that should be his next TV role!!!

I have also traumatized x_caligirlx3 for life by telling her that Schierholtz looks like he could play an alleged rapist on SVU, muahahaha!!!

He used to be kind of cute, now he will forever be a rapist in my mind.

Zito for sure a rapist. He just LOOKS like one. It's creepy. I bet Stuckey would mess everything up again. :P

And TIMMY! :D Lucky you get to go to that game tomorrow!

Maybe they're both cute rapists!!!

I'm really appalled that Stuckey murdered O'Halloran, who I thought was quite cute (although he had awful hair most of the time).

I'm excited! Perhaps this will make up for that start he missed.

Ehhh. I never bought into Zito being cute. I think it was 'cause of his whole sucking and having such a large contract.

I know, I'll miss O'Halloran too :( I always thought he was really cute too.

I hope so. I'm really excited to see him :]

Oh, by the way, I just checked the Sharks schedule and there are two day games. One against the Oilers on Jan. 16th (Saturday) and another against the Panthers on March 13th, also on a Saturday. Tell me which one you want to go to, I don't really mind.

Well, I was (am?) an A's fan, so I thought he was cute with them. :P I also never really paid attention to the Giants until he signed with the team, so he's kind of a gateway.

Hmm, the Oilers kinda' drive me nuts but games against them always seem to be good, so how about that one? :)


I'm kind of glad Schierholtz isn't starting today(but sad that Winn is, boo). I can't look at him the same way ever again, thank you.


Alleged rapists are people too!


I'm planning to take the SATs the week after that too, so we shall see how that goes.

Oooooo! I may have to watch that game!

(I'm living in denial.)

Tomorrow's game? Do you want to go to either the Tuesday (Zito) or Wednesday (Cain)? In your copious amounts of free time. :P

I probably shouldn't. I need to get back swimming this week (eep! race in less than a month!) and we're office moving Thursday. Nrgh.

Schierholtz looks like he could play an alleged rapist on SVU, muahahaha!!!

I simultaneously laughed and cringed when I read this. :P Because it's true. You're right about Zito too, heh.

Have fun at the game tomorrow! :D

Every team probably has at least one guy who could playan alleged rapist.


what would heatly be on SVU?

I mean is there a crime bad enough?

There is no limit to the number of different roles he could play on the show.

He could be the strung out homeless junkie who finds the dead kid's body.

He could be the spoiled prep school brat who gang rapes a poor classmate with his buddies.

He could be the rageful product of incest.

He could be the rageful closeted gay star jock who has a secret affair with an openly gay persecuted classmate who then beats him up to keep him quiet about their relationship.

The possibilities are endless!

I have always thought Schierholtz looked somewhat creepy. or like a trucker. or a logger. I'm going to tonight's game too! Yay for Lincecum!

That RULED!!! Yet again, Timmy looked not that great for him and still pitched an amazing game, objectively.

He could totally be a trucker/lumberjack rapist!!!

11 Ks! It was a great game with some boring-ness in the middle haha. But my friend caught one of Panda's foul ball in the first inning! I'll be back Wednesday!

Did you notice there was an arcade fail and they only had 10 Ks up? I also like how Brian Wilson started warming up when the score was 4-1, he was out there warming up for a long time, then finally they just sent him back to the dugout. :P

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