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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Tim Lincecum

What happened to Timmy???

Bumgarner to start tonight for Lincecum

What? What? Is Timmy okay??? Argh.

Will be fun to get to be at Madison Bumgarner's first major league start, though.

(Timmy Timmy Timmy, what happened?) :(

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as long as it isn't the first in a series of CS injuries we should be ok. :)

Good thing there (probably) aren't any sharp objects in the clubhouse!

I just saw the news while I was at my friend's house.
I was freaking out as quietly as I could without making it seem like I was crazy. Wasn't really working.

I heard he'll be okay. I think he's only missing this start *HOPEFULLY*.

It'll be fun watching MadBum, though.

Bumgarner was cool. Wish he'd been left in a little longer, though!

Me too. I'm pretty sure he would've been fine for that inning.
Oh man, he was pretty close to hitting a homer. So close.

Still no Posey makes me sad. :(
Maybe we'll see him at the game on Sunday.

I heard the news when I got home! :( They're making it sound minor though, so hopefully, um, it's minor. Ack. Have fun watching Bumgarner though!

Well, he was walking around the dugout all happy and stuff. Did they show him on TV going "Wow" in response to Bumgarner's long fly? :)

I think they just want to rearrange rotation so Lincecum gets to start both the dodgers and rockies series. Bochy sounded too shady in his pre-game interview =P Bumgarner did pretty good today. Not awesome, but good enough! Now I'm 11 for 12 =(

You know, I had the same thought! Like, hmm, why so specific, 2 days? Did you see when they showed Timmy on replay saying "Wow" when Bumgarner hit the long fly? Wish they had left him in a bit longer.

ooo no, I was at the game. But that long fly was really impressive!

i just saw it on CSN's rapid rewind of last night's game! haha.

It's such a Timmy thing to do. :P I was at the game too but I guess they only showed it on the flat panel TVs for certain sections.

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