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I'm back!

I have returned from the mountains. Skiing was fun, but I want to get better so I can confidently go down most blues, instead of nervously braking my way down the one I accidentally ended up on. ;) We ended up playing dominoes for money at the cabin and Chip ended up with a lot of ones and spare change. *giggle*

Wow the Sharks are really depressing. It's as if we're playing at a level to just lose to whoever they're playing against. If we'd been as good tonight as we were against the Stars we would have won the game. *weeps* Oh God, we're playing the Devils next. *whimper*

Hmm, positives about the game ... well, the gay cameramen had a nice shot of Thornstrom on the bench. :)

*shrieks* I am so behind on reading fic. On the good side, that means that's lots of Frala!fic waiting to be read. *smiles happily*

Okay I'm off to write something for someone now. *tries to be mysterious and fails utterly*
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