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Please take your hands off Timmy :(

I have a neighbour who seems to have left their alarm clock on, their window open, and gone on vacation. What this means is that everything morning, an alarm echoes around my alley for at least 2 hours or so. This morning one of my neighbours snapped and screamed into the alley, LOL. This is how people get driven to become axe murderers.

Finally got around to watching my recording of the epic 14 inning game between the Giants and Rockies from about 2 weeks ago and it didn't disappoint! Got a kick out of Brian Wilson's LOL bunt attempts while Timmy was pinch running. However, I didn't appreciate the first base coach hovering around Timmy, standing really close behind him, and resting his hand on his shoulder in a manner that can only be described as pedophilic. :( :( :(

Tim Lincecum
Bad Touch!

Tim Lincecum
This is like an episode of SVU. :(

I'm more convinced than ever that Brian Wilson is the best guy to be the closer for the Giants. It's not that he's a great closer or anything, but he's the best guy on the team for the job. It's because he's got that sheer force of will thing going. He doesn't crumble under pressure and when he fucks up, he doesn't get all down on himself because of his bull-headed egotism. :P
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