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The Invincible M.A.E.

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What happened?

I had Conan on briefly last night and some band with an old, fat singer was performing and I would have changed channels, but the music sounded familiar... almost like Third Eye Blind...


OMG WTF happened to Stephan Jenkins? He was cute once upon a time, right? He's so old now oh man how old am I too? *wails*

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lol, it's SO funny you say that. Last month, Bri and I were watching the 3eb concert on Direct Tv channel 101, and we were like damn he looks SO OLD. The drugs have not been kind. Then we googled to see how old he was, and I was so suprised. I had nooooo idea Jenkins was in his 40s - he'll be 45 in a couple weeks. I had been under the mistaken impression he was in his 20s when the band hit it big, but he was in his late '30s!

Still! Jon Bon Jovi is like... 47 and he looks great. I think it's being kinda' fat that makes Jenkins look older than he actually is. "Semi-Charmed Life" came out in '97 so he would have been 33, but yeah, I thought he was in his late 20s at the time.

good god I didn't know that!

wow, 45, I thought he was in his 30's as well!

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