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Poor Huston

It's perhaps some kind of indication where my true loyalties lie that I was really sad that Huston is out with bicep tendonitis. Isn't this what happened to him last year or two years ago? Or maybe that was forearm tendonitis. I also still get excited when I hear his entrance music and root for him when even when he's making saves against the Giants. :P

I'm mostly indifferent to whether the Giants make the playoffs or not anyway. It would be nice just to see all the babies get some playoff experience, but they've already overachieved this season IMO. I'm very easy to please as a sports fan. Perhaps this is because pretty much every team I start watching is in the crapper at the time and I have low expectations.

Buster Posey has been called up as a backup in case something happens to Eli Whiteside as Molina is still wounded. I'm thinking that eventually they're going to have to start Posey if Molina doesn't recover because Eli has to get a rest at some point, right? I wouldn't make Sandoval squat for 9 innings and Posey's gotta do better than Garko.

Mostly I'm just excited to see what he can do. He also has that whole Marc-Edouard Vlasic thing going where he's young, but very calm and mature.
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