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But will I ever see him again?

So the Giants picked up Brad Penny. Like... is that going to be awkward for him and Zito (and therefore everyone else)? Do the Giants now try to pick up that other pitcher Alyssa Milano fucked? Oh, the hilarity.

Browsed through some old KNBR interviews and am even more smitten with Joe Martinez! Reasons why:
  • He was a substitute teacher for a while. He would go to school with his mom, a PE teacher.
  • He was forced to take piano lessons (like me!) They asked if he would make his kids take piano lessons. He said "only if they want to". :P
  • When asked about what he liked about going home, he said playing with the dog. No mention of family members!
  • He keeps acknowledging that he doesn't have the best stuff, that he's not going to be like Timmy and go out there and strike out 15, but he tries his best.
So he's kinda' quiet, humble, kinda' funny, seems simple... *swoons*

Too bad he's probably stuck in the minors for the rest of the season.

Affeldt occasionally celebrates finishing an inning by having something resembling an epileptic seizure. On the plane to Philly, Timmy accused him of looking like a gorilla coming off the mound and then imitated him by loping up and down the aisle. I want so bad to see Timmy doing that!

The best 49ers QB I've seen so far in the preseason continues to be the kid with the learning disability. *sigh*

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