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Why the fuck am I awake again?

Hmm, stumbling back into bed is in order after this post.

Dinner at Chip's uncle's house was great. They live right on/over the water in Tiburon. It's a really nice place! We all checked out Playboy over dinner. It was the issue with Allison Eastwood (Clint's daughter) in it. Strangely enough, it wasn't awkward. I wonder if it was for Chip, given that it was with his family (including his dad).

Alex!!! Thanks so much for your card! *hug* Chip says thank you too, and Russian roomie Alex hasn't seen it yet.

Speaking of RRA, he says the right pronunciation for Valeri is Va-LAY-ri. Oh, and Chrissy? In response to your assertion that Chip is obsessed with Khabi, he said to tell you that he has an earthquake in his pants. Flannery can explain this (somewhat). I told him about Twitch and who's in it and how Valeri is Pavel's brother, and he asked if they have another brother called Cheryl. *sighs*

Can someone explain "That's telekinesis, Kyle"? I've heard it so many times on NHL2Night, and it just occurred to me that it makes no sense whatsoever.

Is it just me, or did JS Giguere (on "Cool Shots") call Roy R-wah the whole time, with 2 syllables like that?

Sabres/Sharks was fun to watch, yet strangely unsatisfying. I guess all ties kind of have that feel to them. I was so happy to see Thorty/Reech/Sunny line on the ice. *sighs happily* Ryan Miller is very sweet. He looked very young after he let in that goal by Cheech, and even younger after the one by Patty. And thank you so much, gay cameramen, for that split screen of Cheech and Patty side by side. Grr.

Ooh, Thorty was pissy last night. The funny thing is that he was all cheerful during his intermission interview. I wish he'd gotten into a fight instead of yapping. Okay, in that situation that would have meant hitting the ref, so that's not a good idea, but he should have, uhh, taken it out on someone else and kept his mouth shut? Fight Rob Ray for being Rob Ray or something.

Unibrow man! Dude, SDQ, it was so fun to see him play! Chip blurts "fire engine red foyer", "possibly frostbitten" and "post-coital" and the rest of it whenever I talk about him now.

Eee, pissy!Nabby must have taken a cue from pissy!Miikka. Petulant goalies are so adorable.

*shrieks* I wasn't happy, to say the least, that they started out the game being outshot 6-0. But things kinda' sorta' got better, and it looks like our PK is no longer horrendously bad. Or maybe their PP sucks ass. Maybe both.

I seem to have tired myself out. *cheer* Going back to sleep now, then heading for the mountains tonight.
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