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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Barry Zito

4 for 5

So I went to 5 Giants games in 5 days.

Giants tickets

Pretty crazy, but I think all of you probably know that by now. :P The Giants won 4 of the 5 games I went to, so I'd say I got my money's worth. The best game was tonight's game. Zito was really really really good. I thought he was better today than Lincecum was yesterday, and Timmy went 8 scoreless innings with 8 strikeouts. Zito did give up a home run in the 9th in pursuit of the complete game shutout, but I still thought that he looked better.

The crowd was chanting his name in the 9th, and kept going for a while even after he was pulled from the game. He came out of the dugout to wave his cap just after the chants mostly died down. I admit that I got a little weepy. I caught the highlights and apparently he was sitting in the dugout looking creepy and intense, then surprised when Bochy asked him to go wave at the fans. He mouthed "thank you" when he went out there. :)

I did not buy tickets for tomorrow's game. They were pretty pricey ($25 for standing room only? No thanks) because it's Randy Johnson bobblehead day, and I really don't care to have his bobblehead. The offense will probably screw Matt Cain over anyway since they didn't screw Zito over today and the Rockies should be very motivated after losing 4 in a row.

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dude, how are you not sick of sitting in this horrible chairs?

Oh, I sit very straight so chairs never bother me.

Don't worry, I'll be there tomorrow. I'm 9 for 9 this season.

I'm 10 for 10 now! I'm a new audience to your blog. But I don't have OpenID or LiveJournal, so I'm "anonymous". It was an awesome game today! The bobblehead is nice too!

Ahh, I see. That must have been an awesome game to be at! Although watching from home it was pretty depressing until the grand slam. It's crazy that the Giants came all the way back to tie the Rockies for he wild card after that traumatizing extra innings game in Colorado. *shudder*

Awesome run. The most I've ever done is 3 games in 3 days (Oakland, Pittsburgh), and that wore me out, so I really commend you!

apparently he was sitting in the dugout looking creepy and intense

Is it possible he was interrupted while thinking of the best way to filet a human being?

Oh man, I was dying on Friday cos' between not falling asleep until 2:30, my roomie loudly clanking silverware at 4 AM when she was eating uhh... dinner? and the alarm clock echoing loudly around my alley for 2 hours, I only got about 4-5 hours sleep.

It was a fun experience, I don't think I'll ever do it again. :P

You know, I think he's gotten even more creepy and intense since coming to SF.

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Wow, you're really a big big fan! :)

That's awesome. I love baseball.

I'm bummed that I'll be missing the Sox here in Tampa next week. I just don't have the money and they are all weeknight games. By the time I drove from Tampa to St. Pete and dealt with the St. Pete police's effed up traffic routing for parking, it would probably be the fourth inning.

I'll just wait. Fenway spoiled me back in May. :)

Yeah, part of the reason why I've gone to so many Giants games is that the park is only a 15 minute walk from my office. I walk from/to home sometimes too, depending on how tired I am, and if not, I can just take the bus, so no messing around with parking.

It is a MESS at the Trop. When I've gone with people before, they got there an hour before the game and were sitting in traffic being routed around for two hours.

I went to a Sunday afternoon game there a few months ago when the Sox were in town and I got to the game over two hours early just to park in the lot right by the stadium to avoid all of that.

I did 7 Astros games in 7 days last year, and I am not ever doing that many again. I discovered actual limit is 5-in-5. It's so exhausting, but why? It's just a lot of sitting around.

And: Zito being creepy is awesome.

It's all the stuff around the game too, the anticipation, getting there and back, and then just being on (depending on how much happens in the games themselves).

Once I saw footage of Zito playing his guitar in various parks, and at first I thought it was some homeless guy.

He came out of the dugout to wave his cap just after the chants mostly died down...then surprised when Bochy asked him to go wave at the fans

Haha. It looked like "Wait, what? A curtain call? What's that? For me?"

And unfortunately, the offense did screw with Matt :[
But at least they won!
Grand slam by Renteria, one of the strangest things to happen this season.

He looked totally surprised, like he had no idea what was going on, haha.

They just need to sync up. When he's good and lasts long into the games, they do nothing, but then when he's shaky and leaves earlyish (for him) THEN they come through. Poor Matty.

That's awesome. I only remember doing 3 in a row, it was a Dodgers series back in the Candlestick days...looong time ago. I didn't watch the Saturday game until the next morning, but I was so extremely happy with how Zito pitched and how the crowd got behind him. :)

Sunday's game was just weird.

Edited at 2009-09-02 03:22 am (UTC)

It was very emotional! From the first inning when he struck out the side, it was just special. I was sitting pretty much right behind home plate (angle-wise, not distance-wise, hehe) so I couldn't see his curve but it looked amazing in highlights.

this is why you are a rockstar.

I have only just recovered, I think!

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