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I like Mick Night more than Jew Night

Fourth Giants game in a row. I don't know how season ticket holders do it. *collapses*

Tonight was Mick Night, and there are definitely a lot more Micks than Jews in San Francisco. :P Brian Patrick Wilson is the Mickest person on the Giants (yeah, big surprise) so the Mick T-shirt had his name and number on the back. I wanted one, but by the time I decided I was coming to tonight's game, all the special Mick tickets were sold out. *sigh* I got the $8 off K-Zone ticket instead and ended up in one of the Mick sections anyway.

Some people came wearing green, and with Irish-themed T-shirts, green hats, some girls even had green streaks in their hair, but I think the Jews last night win hands down. They were seriously Jewing out.

Timmy had yet another one of those performances where he's not very good for him, yet somehow manages to throw 8 shutout innings with 8 strikeouts. It makes such a huge difference having Pablo Sandoval in the lineup. The offense is almost useless without him (and quite useless even with him). I just hope he's not risking injury just to play because this is such an important series.

But the man of the night (or maybe it's because I was in the Mick section) was Brian Wilson. People were actually chanting his name, which I've never heard before (and doubt I'll hear again). Mick power! That boy is so fucking scary, though. At any given moment he could strike a guy out... or give up a game tying home run. But he generally does the former, not the latter, just like generally he'll strike a guy out instead of walking him when it's 3-2, and that's why he's the closer and why I trust him more than any other guy in the bullpen to close. It's just something in his personality. Or maybe just the luck of the Irish? :P

Joe Martinez got sent down and Hinshaw called up. This is probably a good thing. While Joe is a really good prospective husband, he's not a very good pitcher at the moment.

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