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The Invincible M.A.E.

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San Francisco

Make it 3 in a row?

Went to the game last night with Jenny. It was similar to Tuesday's game in that they were both one-run games with a 3-run homer in the 8th, but I spent most of last night hanging my head and burying my face in my hands, whereas Tuesday was close most of the time.

Things started out bad with Sanchez giving up the lead off homer and then the comedy of errors the rest of the inning. Nothing is really as depressing as the inept offense, though. And even though Sanchez gave up 3 runs, he still went 7 with 9 strikeouts and fought through his not-so-great command, and he got a hit and ran impressively from 1st and slid into 3rd! That's my second best highlight of the night. :D

Tuesday night I said "line drive to right field" moments before Velez... hit a line drive to right field (that was caught, unfortunately). Last night I said, "It would be funny if Sanchez gets the first hit for the Giants" moments before he singled. I'm psychic!

I'm... very strongly considering going to tonight's game too. *hangs head*

[Edit: The fog was gorgeous last night. It was spilling into the park like it was being pumped from a machine. It also killed a few home runs. :P]

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You should go! We're running out of season :(

Word is Harden has been claimed off waivers by an NL team. You hear anything about the Giants being interested?

Yeah, that's my reasoning! (And also why I'm thinking of getting tickets for tomorrow (Timmy!) and Saturday (uhh... free gym bag? Oh, and Zito) too...

I haven't heard anything like that! I don't go looking for rumours though, so I'd only know about it if it was on Sportsnet Central or something.

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