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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Dan Haren

There always seems to be somebody obnoxious near me and Lira at Giants games

My main motivation for picking last night's game is that Danny was pitching. I wore my A's Haren jersey--doubly offensive! :P

Even though the score was tied when both starting pitchers exited the game, I thought Danny put in a better performance than Matty. When Danny left, it had gotten cold enough that it was time to switch out my jersey for a fleece anyway.

There was this part-Asian (white + Asian?) guy sitting in front of me and Lira and I kept thinking that he really looked someone but I couldn't figure it out. Then he moved from our left to our right, and I was like OMG HE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE ILYA KOVALCHUK!!!

Ilya Kovalchuk

Yes, Lira is pretending to take a picture of me to get one of him. :P A year or two ago it was a Marian Hossa clone.

I like how Pablo didn't even have to hit anything to get a run in, muahaha. And Travis Ishikawa! ♥ Last night I was like WTF is wrong with Brian Wilson??? But then I read that he'd pitched 2 2/3 innings the night before (I didn't watch the whole game) and I think he just shouldn't have been out there at all last night. Even if he was clamouring to get in the game, you just gotta tell him to sit down and shut up. And then maybe slap him in the face. Most of my solutions for improving the Giants involve somebody getting slapped or punched in the face.

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That guy does look eerily like Ilya!

We could only get a side profile, but he looked even more like him from the front!

I agree with Alex.

That's all I have to say... :x

oh he does a bit, did you engage him in awkward conversation?

He looked so much like him! I kept staring. I should have asked him to pose for a photo. :P

he'd pitched 2 2/3 innings the night before (I didn't watch the whole game)

That game never happened.

Or at least that's what I tell myself.

It's possible I started laughing hysterically after the grand slam.

I did too.

I think I blocked out memories of that game from my mind.

You didn't watch the Monday massacre?! You missed out, dude. I don't much like Wilson, but he did indeed eat up some innings like a real trooper.

Lincecum also pinch ran late in that game. And then Wilson had to hit, and he tried to bunt and that did not work out at all. Ah man. Crazy times.

Edited at 2009-08-27 10:56 am (UTC)

I have it recorded! So I can check out all the shenanigans at some point. I'm mildly concerned that Bochy is going to kill Brian Wilson like he killed Trevor Hoffman. TIMMY PINCH RUNNING!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! I remember Lowry being put in to pinch run a couple of times. Oh man, that stuff is hilarious to me.

Nice one, I would have drooled a lake there. But when you see Steve Fox walk right past you at the train station you might want to try to wake up. Steve Fox is a Tekken character, so how the hell someone who looked exactly like him can be in Finland...? Gotta love those look-a-likes

I was so fascinated I kept staring at him. Like I knew it wasn't him but it looked SO much like him!

Maybe it was the person they based the character on. :P

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