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The Invincible M.A.E.

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It's right behind Nip/Tuck in the television incarnation of badfic department

I had an SVU mini-marathon last night and it's crazy how almost every guest star on that show ended up becoming series regulars in their own TV shows at some point. The "best" episode of the night was the one in which the paralyzed brother from Joan of Arcadia (who is John Ritter's son) and Boone from Lost played incestuous homicidal brothers!!!

Depressingly, the best QB on the field yesterday for the 49ers was the 4th string guy who has a learning disability. But we're going to be relying heavily on the running game, anyway, and inferring from how effective all the RBs were yesterday, the O line is pretty good. Or maybe the Raiders are just crappy at stopping the run. My personal highlight of the day was Alex Smith blocking for Arnaz Battle on a reverse and sending the guy flying.

I used way too much football jargon in that last sentence. But I like the sound of football jargon, it's so technical. I hate baseball terminology. Not the official stuff, but the cutesy stuff that people say. Or maybe it's just Krukow. Ugh. Pearl, gem, painting, hook, country hardball, hang with 'em, other stuff that I'm blocking out. So irritating. And seriously, if Sandoval somehow injures himself running into a PADDED RAILING, he is just retarded.

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Sandoval somehow injures himself running into a PADDED RAILING

Ehh, it looked like was running full speed, and didn't see it.
Or at least he didn't stop fast enough.

By the way, do you want to go another Giants game? My friend and I have been thinking about going to the Dodgers game on September 13th.

I suppose it's a lot of force because of his immense mass. :P

That sounds like fun! I'm going to games on Tuesday and Wednesday so I can pick up tickets (and not pay the stupid "convenience fee").

Great! I don't really know where to sit, and the tickets are really expensive for that game, and I'm paying for both 'cause that's my birthday present for him, so we'll see.

Let me know if you want tickets sometime today. And you can text me while I'm at the game.

I know that incestuous brothers episode! (pretty hot SVU)

Boone from Lost was so good in it!!! I'm going to be watching the new TV show The Vampire Diaries because of him, I think. :P


omg it's so good

It was straight out of fan fic!!! I don't know why people even bother to write it for SVU!

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