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At least I got to watch him throw a touchdown

I usually don't give a shit about preseason football games (or preseason games in general, I guess) but Alex Smith is fighting for the starting QB position with Shaun Hill, and unless he outperforms him significantly, Shaun Hill is going to get the starting job. So these games might be my only opportunities to see him play all season.

Everyone was saying after the Broncos game that all of the QBs looked about the same, but I thought Shaun Hill had a bit of an edge. Ugh. At least Alex got to throw a TD to Brit Miller. :) And I was impressed by the new baby running back, Glen Coffee.

Rosy told me that Singapore is now overrun by mainland Chinese. If I ever return to visit, I plan to pretend to be American so as not to be discriminated against in my own country.
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