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Where's the rest of the footage? :(

So for the All-Star Game, CSN Bay Area gave a video camera to Lincecum and Cain and asked them to video stuff and I was all excited but then they showed the footage and it was like... one gigantic shot of Timmy's face, two of Matty looking dazed on the field, Obama in the locker room and... nothing much else. Didn't Brian Wilson give them tips on what to do with a video camera? Did they just spend all of their time videoing Timmy on a three-foot leash in his room? I'm disappointed. :(

Thursday night I babysat Tatiana. I got to the house before the nanny brought her back from the playground and when she saw me, she ran to me with arms open and gave me a hug. :D :D :D She's learned so many things. She can hold her milk bottle by herself now and drink from it. And she can understand head shaking and disapproving voice (like when she opened the trash can and I told her no.)

Anyway, we had fun playing then I fed her dinner, gave her little baby toothbrush to brush her teeth (which she mostly just sucked on), changed her diaper, put her into jammies and sat with her in a rocking chair and talked to her until she got drowsy then put her in her crib and she just turned over and went to sleep. Aww!

Friday night Roz made dinner and had her friend from LA over along with a couple of other people and we played Rock Band. Oh man, it's been so long. The Sonic Youth Song made my arm fall off. I need better drumming technique. :(

Last night I went to Cha Cha Cha for tapas and sangria with Chip, Jenny and Chip's three female cousins who I'd last seen several years ago. They're cool and funny and we all had a good time (except for Amber's fiance, who seemed like he really didn't want to be there).
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