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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Tim Lincecum

I'm deformed!

I woke up this morning and part of my upper lip felt numb and swollen (but not painful) and when I went to look in the mirror, I saw that the left half of my upper lip is about twice its normal size. I look like a plastic surgery patient who fled in the middle of getting collagen injections. :( :( :(

I was bitten by mosquitoes in the middle of the night and had to put Cortisone on my hands for the itching, but those bites are pretty much gone at this point. So maybe I was bitten by BOTH mosquitoes and spiders last night? Ugh. Can't find a bite mark on my lip, but that sounds like the most plausible scenario.

I was excited to see Tim Lincecum Removes Hat, Hair To Wipe Sweat Off Forehead on my Onion feed, but they basically just photoshopped him bald. Bonus points for photo of Jonathan Sanchez when he was still kinda' hot, though.

Spent most of yesterday in Singaporean accent mode, and was sad that I've lost my middle Ts. Umm, by that I mean I was saying stuff like "bottle" and "daughter" with the Ts sounding like Ds (American English) instead of Ts. :( I got them back by the end of the night, though, so it's good to know I haven't lost them forever!

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Yikes swelling!

The thing where your T's sound like D's is called flapping :) Just in case you were wondering.

Nonsense! Flapping is something people did in the '20s.

OUCHIES! Maybe you bit your lip in your sleep?

No marks or pain at all! It actually feels like getting anesthetic for a dental procedure.

that is so strange boo I hope its not too itchy and ick for you.

I've now said daugher and bottle outloud so many times someone just came in to stare at me for a moment aha

It's not itchy at all.

Hahaha, well Canadians fall into the American category too.

I think I say bottle with a t sound and daughter with the d sound

I just did a voice post using the text from the speech accent archive (http://accent.gmu.edu/browse_language.php?function=detail&speakerid=91). Everyone should do it so we can compare!

But you didn't actually say "bottle". Say it! Say it!

I just said them both aloud several times, and I do the same thing!

LOL I love how you say it so often you start to think the word has no meaning at all! haha

I once had to look up the word "been" in the dictionary. For some reason, the complete absurdity of the spelling just struck me one day while writing. I kept thinking it looked like "bean", but it couldn't be "ben" because that's a name... >_

hhaha oh man its crazy thought.

when I was making businessey stuff for peoople and signs and things I used to look at a word in so many fonts all day long that nothing made any sense to me except asthetics

This post needs pictures.

oh my god ouch!

could you have been bitten on the inside of your lip?

That is a horrifying and entirely possible explanation!!! Thankfully I am already much less deformed.

Johnny is still hot! *stamps foot*

...that was the most horrifying picture ever.

Perhaps I'm just blinded by Joe Martinez. :P

So Chip and Jenny saw highlights of Wednesday's game and they both thought that Lincecum looked really Asian even though they'd never really noticed it before.

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