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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Star Trek

Umm, so I finally watched the Star Trek movie today. And absolutely loved it! Which is odd, because I disliked the story, but they did such a great job with the characters and the action scenes and humour that I didn't care that I didn't like the story. Everyone felt very much like a person, even though they didn't get to dedicate a lot of time to character development. A lot of people bag on Felicity as the one sucky thing that Abrams did but that show had what makes the Star Trek movie work, which is the well-defined characters and relationships and stuff.

I'm generally indifferent to spoilers, but they did kind of hurt me for this movie. I only read one review (in Entertainment Weekly) but they basically described an incident each from Kirk and Spock's childhood, which would have been fine, except that the one incident was the entirety of their background. I think joke or "cool scene" spoilers affect me more than major plot spoilers because it's kind of jarring when you see the thing was described. "Oh, so that's what they were talking about!"

Zachary Quinto is such a great Spock. :) Although the first time I saw him in a scene I had a very strong SYLAR reaction and was vaguely nervous that someone's skull would be sliced open. I loved the Spock/Uhura stuff. I also loved all the cameos! Cameron from House! Felicity's roommate (who was also on Alias!), Winona Ryder (WTF?) and umm, I may have hallucinated this, but umm, Dr. Beckett from Stargate: Atlantis?

It seems there's a lot of slash based on the new movie floating out there, which is so cool because the original TV series was the origin of slash. Coming full circle or something like that.

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Felicity's roommate (who was also on Alias!

YES! I'm glad I'm not the only one who caught this!

Also, the guy who spent the summer de-worming orphans in Somalia from "Legally Blond."

I saw her and I was like MEGHAN!!! It's Meghan!!!

Oh I totally missed that one! What role did he play in the movie?

I really enjoyed this movie, eye candy aside I thought that chris pine was fantastic as kirk.

Uhura (Zoe something) was bit brittle to me, but mostly because she was so damn thin.

Hee, I thought that Chris Pine was just okay. But that could be because I thought the Spock character was much more interesting in comparison and I really liked Zachary Quinto's portrayal.

You know, I spent too much time looking at her high ponytail to really look anywhere below her neck...

umm, I may have hallucinated this, but umm, Dr. Beckett from Stargate: Atlantis?

lol, no, not a hallucination. He was pretty much the only cameo I got, besides the random ass use of Winona and Tyler Perry.

I also liked the characters - Chris Pine's Kirk worked in a way I never thought was possible when I heard about his casting - but I was not down with the story at all.

I've never seen Tyler Perry in non-Madea mode, so I didn't recognise him (a good thing, by all accounts).

Abrams does a really great job with giving characters personality even with the limited time you have in movies to devote to it. I think it's because he plays up all the idiosyncrasies and quirks that the actors have and makes them part of the character. I didn't dislike Chris Pine, but I thought there was room for a better casting choice there. Although I just may have been unfairly comparing him to Zachary Quinto, who was a perfect Spock. :)

I still can't believe that was Eric Bana!

Dude, I saw his name in the credits and was trying to figure out which character he was and I was like ohhhhhhhhhhh! He did a really good job. Very menacing.

I disliked the story, but they did such a great job with the characters and the action scenes and humour that I didn't care that I didn't like the story.

Oh geez, thank you for writing that! I've been trying ever since I saw it to figure out how to phrase my reaction to it and this is totally it. I loved the movie so much but kind of hated the "reboot" of the universe. I mean, I understand why they did it but it still felt almost like a cop-out to me. But YES, the characters were so fantastic! I enjoyed it as a movie, not just as a Star Trek movie. :)

I enjoyed the original TV show with it's exploration of the nature of humanity and philosophy which is what science fiction of that era mostly dealt with. There was none of that in the movie. Nero was basically an insane terrorist suicide bomber. In the spirit of the original Star Trek, there would have been exploration of what led to him becoming what he was and some effort to find a solution, even if ultimately the conclusion was that there was no solution.

I think this movie was much more enjoyable than what a truly "faithful" movie would have been like. The personality changes made the characters so much more interesting, but at the same time, they more or less destroyed the original story. The hardcore fans were probably fuming. :P

This Onion video is actually pretty accurate.


I am with you that the story was pretty lame but the characters were so much fun that I didn't mind at all.

Right there with you on that one.

Dude, I think he was on screen for all of 3 seconds! Like I saw him and I was like, WAIT I THINK I KNOW THAT GUY!!! And then I spent the next 3 minutes mentally going through every TV show I watch (which is a lot) and narrowing down by genres (basically Googling my brain with an image of his face and "Scottish accent", haha) until finally I got to, hmm, he was in a sci-fi show... Stargate: Atlantis? STARGATE: ATLANTIS!!!

I don't know if you've ever watched Heroes but Zachary Quinto's character is really, really scary and mostly unsympathetic and the fact that he was actually able to come across as attractive in the movie was pretty amazing.

I think the accent (or lack thereof) was what kept me from making the connection.

I don't watch Heroes but I've heard that Sylar eats brains. I am kinda glad that I don't have that hurdle to overcome in watching him as Spock.

You know, it's not really clear what he does with them, but I think he's categorically stated that he doesn't eat them. I was pretty much over the Sylar thing after that first scene, which is a testament to his acting abilities, I guess!

Huh. I find that coming up with other things he could do with them is more disturbing than thinking about him eating them.

I giggled like the mad gamer that I am when I saw that the token redshirt was Lt. Cmdr Giles from Red Alert 3.


I haven't played that but that's awesome! I think Abrams is kind of into video games (or maybe his kids are).

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