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Star Trek

Umm, so I finally watched the Star Trek movie today. And absolutely loved it! Which is odd, because I disliked the story, but they did such a great job with the characters and the action scenes and humour that I didn't care that I didn't like the story. Everyone felt very much like a person, even though they didn't get to dedicate a lot of time to character development. A lot of people bag on Felicity as the one sucky thing that Abrams did but that show had what makes the Star Trek movie work, which is the well-defined characters and relationships and stuff.

I'm generally indifferent to spoilers, but they did kind of hurt me for this movie. I only read one review (in Entertainment Weekly) but they basically described an incident each from Kirk and Spock's childhood, which would have been fine, except that the one incident was the entirety of their background. I think joke or "cool scene" spoilers affect me more than major plot spoilers because it's kind of jarring when you see the thing was described. "Oh, so that's what they were talking about!"

Zachary Quinto is such a great Spock. :) Although the first time I saw him in a scene I had a very strong SYLAR reaction and was vaguely nervous that someone's skull would be sliced open. I loved the Spock/Uhura stuff. I also loved all the cameos! Cameron from House! Felicity's roommate (who was also on Alias!), Winona Ryder (WTF?) and umm, I may have hallucinated this, but umm, Dr. Beckett from Stargate: Atlantis?

It seems there's a lot of slash based on the new movie floating out there, which is so cool because the original TV series was the origin of slash. Coming full circle or something like that.
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