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Ugh, I think I have a headache.

Over dinner, Chip came up with the idea for hockey slash set in a Star Trek AU. He immediately declared that Khabi should be captain. I asked why Khabi would be a good captain. He said that Khabi wouldn't, it would just be entertaining, and really, Yzerman should be captain. Then he said Khabi should really be Barkley.

He suggested Petr Sykora for Wesley Crusher. I pointed out Petr is cute and dorky, not annoying, so he took it back.

I'm not sure where this came from, but ... Scotty Bowman for Deanna Troy? Ack!

Then he decided Khabi should be Riker, because of the twitch. He's quite obsessed with Khabi. I think he's going to freak out when we go to Lightning/Sharks in March.

He said Thorty should be Worf. *weeps*

*squeal* I just got the cutest letter from Alex (littlestclouds). Handwritten letters are awesome! *huggles Alex*

I got hit by a Mo (Brendan Morrison) bunny today. Blame the SI article.
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