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JR *sniffle*

Watching J.R.s retirement press conference right now, and just like him, I've been crying pretty much the whole time. :P I wouldn't say that I loved him, but I definitely did appreciate him and what he did for the young 'uns on my team. I love love love that they arranged it so that Mike Modano, Keith Tkachuk and Chris Chelios called him and talked to him.

It's always a sad thing when someone retires and it's part of the whole sports are bittersweet thing. There are all these great moments, and it's sad to think they won't happen again, and not just when someone retires, but when people get traded, lost to free agency, etc. and you'll never have the same group of guys again. You'll have new great moments, but they won't be the same.

Apparently they're dedicating 9 hours on NHL Network on Sunday morning to JR highlights, in case anyone wanted to know. (LOL, he said that Joe Thornton is now "married and old". Aww, and Devin wore a Roenick T-shirt to the press conference!)
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