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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Vegas by the numbers

Hours slept (over 4 nights): 16
Hours spent drunk: 48
Hours spent braless: 90
Hours spent groping, cuddling or kissing: 12
Girls (not ours) in bathtubs: 3
Girls in cages: 2
Cards flicked at us: 137
Amount lost in 15 minutes playing roulette: $40
Amount lost in 5 days playing slots: $35
Current credit card balance: $3772.43
Number of bonus rounds achieved in Star Trek slots: 2
Number of crazy awesome girls weekend was spent with: 11

Everyone please contribute more numbers. :D

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, frala!!!!!!

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12 hours is a very modest number for hours cuddling/kissing, I think! SDQ logged at least 12 on her own.

Number of girls who fit in a bed: 6
Number of times I heard "DO YOU LIKE FISHSTICKS?!": 12
Number of appalling servers: 2
Number of times I said "I'm so happy!": 35

Abby is correct. In fact, I would be surprised if I logged ONLY twelve hours snuggling.

Number of hockey shirts seen on people who were not us: 5
Number of beers consumed out of a bathtub: Many many many.
Number of girls per shower: 6
Number of girls who fit in a gondola: 4
Number of gondola-driving lust-objects: 1
Number of screams logged at the wax museum: Upwards of two dozen
Number of desserts consumed at buffet: Uncountable
Ratio of alcoholic to nonalcoholic beverages consumed: At least 7 to 1.

I saw an Ovechkin shirt in Newark! But that was a little more reasonable than, you know, LETANG.

... I was actually just talking about myself with the cuddling/kissing hours, muahaha!

Hee! Then yes, that's more reasonable. :P

thaaaaank you! <3

I am SO JEALOUS of the bralessnes btw :D

also to share some trauma, cause that's how I roll someone just psoted the words ( Challenge: The most beautiful pics of Dany. ) yes meaning heatley and I was like if the challenge was finding any beautiful pics that's a challenge but narrowing down... not so much :D

Edited at 2009-07-29 08:28 pm (UTC)

In all fairness, there IS that one picture of him with Spezza and Vermette, where Cindy photoshopped a paper bag over his head.

okay that one works!!!! I was afraid to click on the link in the journal :(((((

Number of times I ate at the Grande Luxe: 7
Number of mimosas consumed during champagne brunch: 6
Number of times someone said "so much blood": 106
Highest number of penises attributed to Heatley: 8

I am so insanely jealous of your guys' weekend, but love that you all had such a great time.

Hours slept (over 4 nights): 16
Hours spent drunk: 48

I like this ratio! Well done!

the only count I care about:

Spring break: ACHIEVED

That sounds like the awesomest trip EVER.

Number of Champ Bumps: 12
Members of Mike's Family Working That Weekend: 3
Number of Singles Mike Gave Us: 76
Number of Times Paige Texted/Called Me: 10
Number of Random Texts I Have Received Since: 5
Number of Objects Tammy Jumped On: 72
Highest Temperature: 115
Number of Times SDQ broke her own rule: 16
Number of Times We Were Confused As Men: 2

SRYs: 4
HARFs: 3
Mighty Ducks fics started by Kathleen: 3, not counting the one she wrote on my leg while drunk
Boat! shirts: 2
Staals present: 3
Rounds of Kings played: 6? 5.5?

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