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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Natuzzison SI! *cheer*

Bought the Sports Illustrated with the Natuzzison article today. *squeal* So very awesome! *sighs deeply*

Ooh and this line about Bert from the article: He is the rambunctious middle son, the one who punches his brothers on the shoulder a little too hard.

Sure sounds a lot like this bit from my fic: Mo laughs, then yelps in pain when Todd punches him in the shoulder. I don't think Todd understands that the roughhousing concept doesn't involve actually hurting the other person.

I'm very amused. :)

Wow, how did we squeeze a point out of last night? I guess we need a little luck sometimes. Miikkachu! I could have hugged him when he punched that LA player. *sighs happily* Well maybe not right at that moment.

[Edit: Chip's comment on the goal celebration between Reech and Thorty, "Back of head cupping by two homeless people."]

Haven't written in ages. I feel like I have no inspiration ... which is exactly how I felt just before I wrote Honey. Hmm ...

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I SOOO thought of your fic when I read that!! And manchild!!

Reech, Thorty back of head cuppage?? *squiggle*

*pokes mae's musi*

*giggle* *hugs Frala*

I thought you might like that! :)

Umm ... Patty!muse has developed a goalie fetish. :P

*hugs back*

I loved that *melts*

goalie fetish!!! Join the club Patty! Oh who?? or is it a secret? *licks patty* M not roy *giggles*

*giggle* He's got a goalie fetish in general! *grin* But the next person is a French Canadian goalie. :)

Ohhhh so many loverly ones to pick from *meltish*

*cheer* You got the article!

Dude... Chip's commentary sounds like the title of an 19th C. painting or something ;)

*annoys Mae's muses, except Todd*

Guys, cut the girl a break, we need her!

*hugs Mae* It sucks having writer's block, or writer's blah. It'll happen eventually

*giggle* Thanks, Bernie. :)

I'm hoping to do some writing tonight ... and I think I have an idea for your birthday fic :)

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