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How fucking cute is the Petrling???

First of all, my ice cream was saved! I put it back in the freezer in time and when I tried it this morning, it was still good. :D

Got a Zito article on my Onion feed today. I think it's one from last season, but still funny. I love the photo they used for it. :P
Barry Zito Throws One-Hit Bullpen Session

For more LOLs, check out this photo of Petr with his black Ferrari that he's trying to sell(thank you, joolzie, for keeping up on all things Czech!):

Petr Sykora

Some of the details can only be seen in the massive 2048xerr...something size, so I'll list them, along with my other observations:

  1. pink polo shirt
  2. ripped jeans
  3. hairy arms
  4. hair
  5. possible intense, smoldering look that falls more into the category of "squinting"
  6. pink photoshopped Miami Vice sky. Or maybe just to match his shirt
  7. dusty windshield (this will be no surprise to tamiflu)
  8. scratched paint on left side of front bumper
  9. hot babe by side of car appears to be his wife Renata, which completely negates intended sleaze factor
Also, how cute is his little boy now??? (see my icon) I can't believe he's big enough to be riding around on a little tricycle. I wonder if Petr is reminded of all the times he had to help Jason Arnott put his helmet on. *sniffle*
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