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The Invincible M.A.E.

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How fucking cute is the Petrling???

First of all, my ice cream was saved! I put it back in the freezer in time and when I tried it this morning, it was still good. :D

Got a Zito article on my Onion feed today. I think it's one from last season, but still funny. I love the photo they used for it. :P
Barry Zito Throws One-Hit Bullpen Session

For more LOLs, check out this photo of Petr with his black Ferrari that he's trying to sell(thank you, joolzie, for keeping up on all things Czech!):

Petr Sykora

Some of the details can only be seen in the massive 2048xerr...something size, so I'll list them, along with my other observations:

  1. pink polo shirt
  2. ripped jeans
  3. hairy arms
  4. hair
  5. possible intense, smoldering look that falls more into the category of "squinting"
  6. pink photoshopped Miami Vice sky. Or maybe just to match his shirt
  7. dusty windshield (this will be no surprise to tamiflu)
  8. scratched paint on left side of front bumper
  9. hot babe by side of car appears to be his wife Renata, which completely negates intended sleaze factor
Also, how cute is his little boy now??? (see my icon) I can't believe he's big enough to be riding around on a little tricycle. I wonder if Petr is reminded of all the times he had to help Jason Arnott put his helmet on. *sniffle*

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Is his collar flipped? D:

You know, because he's been guilty of this before, I took a little closer look, but it's not all the way up (like it was then) so I think it doesn't count.

SO CUTE. In only a few short years I am sure he will be the most ridiculous kid on his hockey team.

*SQUEAKS* OMG Petrling playing hockey!!!

possible intense, smoldering look that falls more into the category of "squinting"

laughed so hard I woke lee up!

*giggle* It's just hard to see him that way after knowing that he got the crap scared out of him by a snake in Pittsburgh. And numerous other ridiculous things.

you know what fic I want?

the world has ended and the zombies are strolling around and for some reason, luck others putting themselves in the path of the bullets, only petr and mikael renberg are left.

They are confused as well.

Oh man. Perhaps they would just retreat to CS' home in Pitea and the Swedish winter would freeze all the zombies trying to get to them!

AHHAHAHAHA that's his ad?

dusty windshield

OMG. Amnesia attack. I have no idea what I am supposed to be remembering.

ALSO, I bet the Petrling can actually put the helmet on properly.

Remember when you went to training camp and saw a dirty red Ferrari in the parking lot?

It's not really clear what the original purpose of that picture was. At least I'm hoping that he didn't take it just for the article about him selling the car...

I'm sure much less confusion is involved. :P


I do remember that red car with the NJ plates! Hahaha. Oh man, when Petr first became a Duck!

For how terrible my memory is with... most things, it's really good for things like this! :P Yeah, and then he had those ridiculous highlights so you weren't sure it was him.

I do like that for as well as I know these dudes, I still need their jerseys with their names on the back in order to identify them properly...


Ahahahaha he totally does!!! I wonder if Petr is grooming it.

OH MAN ahhahahahah that Onion article is brilliant.

Sadly, after Randy Johnson's injury it's not really a threat to send Zito to the bullpen again. I don't think they'll take the hilarity factor into consideration.

Ahhhh, show the full version of the icon picture, please!

They're from this article. You can click for the big version. There's one of them playing ball hockey too!!!!!! :D I think he's inherited Petr's good nature. :)

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