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The Invincible M.A.E.

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OMG, I lost a pint of ice cream in my apartment. Not only do I 1) not have ice cream, I 2) am concerned that I'm going to have to find this by its eventual smell...

[Edit: I PUT IT IN THE FUCKING MICROWAVE. I don't even know what to say.]

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I PUT IT IN THE FUCKING MICROWAVE. I don't even know what to say.
Have I tollllllldddddddddddd you laaaaaaaately that I looooooooooove youuuuuuuuuu????!!!!

You can tell me in person soon :D

(So my microwave is right on top of the freezer, which makes it mildly less retarded) I hope it didn't get so melty that it'll be yucky when it refreezes.

That's something I would do. I lose things all the time, eventually find them after I buy a new one. I found my tape measure in the freezer once.

I was very concerned by the thought of ice cream rotting away in some corner of my apartment!

I have been known to microwave ice cream for 10 seconds just to soften it enough to scoop. So, really, not all that weird. 8)

I know someone who does that! Unfortunately, I don't, so... :(

*LOL* I thought "lost a pint of ice cream" was code for "I ate it all in one day!" or something :)

Haha, that would be a good euphemism!

I do stuff like that all the time. Also, I lost a block of colby jack cheese once, and it turned out that I mistakenly put it in the dry foods cabinet. It was totally gross by the time we found it :P

*shrieks* Yeah, that's what I was concerned about. I was like, OMG I hope it isn't in the pantry and like... dripping all over the stuff in there.

been there!

get some sleep doll :)

The sad thing was that the night before, I'd actually gotten pretty much a full night's sleep! Man, at least I found it in time to salvage it. :)

Yikes! And yet I'm laughing a little. I do the almost-opposite, and lose things and then find them in the fridge.

There must be some very interesting things in your fridge.

Oh my! Been there, done that a few times myself though.

I'm just glad I found it. Argh.

My dad consistently "loses" his coffee - it's almost always in the microwave (he reheats it and walks away before it's done and forgets to take it out). Once he was on a business trip and we wanted to microwave some popcorn for movie night and found his coffee cup in the microwave - three days after he'd left!

Oh and I always lose things that are right in front of me. >.< For example, when I got my engagement ring I was so excited to take pictures that when I was done I couldn't find my camera case and searched everywhere for it - except, apparently, on the table right next to my camera.

Yeah, but see, at least that was stuff that was meant to be there. The ice cream was not meant to go into the microwave! >.<

Pretty good. Granny's sister put the sugar to the cleaning closet and rubber bands to the fridge, plus the watch to the garbage...

I don't have senility as an excuse, hehe!

Lol. I hide things a lot in the microwave and forget them later, because if they are left on the counter the cat will eat them. But since you don't have a critter around... :P

Yeah, my only defense is that the microwave is right above the freezer. >.<

Microwave? I put stuff there sometimes so the damn dog won't get it and then I forget about it. :/

Yeah. Except that I have no excuse.

Oh man!! at least you found it! I've done that before, milk in the cupboard, bread in the microwave, ice cream in the fridge... yup *nods*! *hugs* atleast you found it.. Hope it wasn't too melted!

I was afraid of doing that and finding it emitting some horrible smell later...

That's amazing. I'm in the middle of wedding central right now and I feel like I'm bound to find lots of things where they don't belong.

I'll be in a wedding too this Saturday--it's wedding season!

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