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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Giants starting pitchers

Boy is getting a little too blatant

Timmy is going to be the NL starter for the All-Star Game. :)

Okay, so I did an actual spit take when I read this quote from Timmy:
Maybe I'll get [fellow Giants All-Star Matt] Cain to put a leash on me and keep me in my room.

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I KNOW. Perhaps he's been spending too much time with Zito after all...


I'm glad I wasn't the only one who saw this too.

Barry Zito: corrupting Giants starting pitchers since 2007.

And then did you see the thing where he was talking about how their relationship has developed over the past 2 years and stuff??? I also love that Matty is younger than Timmy but he behaves as if he's older and Timmy behaves as if he's younger and it "works out better that way". :D

Hey, you're on summer vacation right now, aren't you? We should go to one of the $10 games for the Phillies series (7/31 - 8/2).

Edited at 2009-07-13 09:06 pm (UTC)

When was this?
I didn't get to see that.
And it really seems like Matt is older than Timmy too.
Timmy should stop slashing himself with Matt.
It is not healthy for me. D:

We should! Maybe the day game on Sunday. Not sure.
Plus, I'm kind of still bitter over Charlie Manuel not picking Pablo Sandoval.

It's from here. The video got fucked up after upload so it's out of sync with the audio but you can at least hear what he says.

I have to say that I prefer he slashes himself with Cain and not Zito. :P

Yeah, if it were Zito I think I would be mortified.
And Brian Wilson would also probably be jealous. :P

I used to fear that Zito would ruin Wilson, now I fear that they will ruin each other. :P

Sunday sounds good. I work pretty near to the park so I can go buy tickets.

Zito and Wilson complete each other, unfortunately. ;P
I'll see if I can go. I'm in Chinatown from 8-12, so I'll see if I can get there earlier.

*shudder* Although, don't you find it odd that Zito is NEVER on Life of Brian? like Brian will talk about him and stuff and you see Joe Martinez hanging around but you NEVER see Zito.

I live in North Beach. We could walk to the game together or take the bus or whatever.

Timmy is slashing himself with Matt Cain!

I cautiously approve of their slashiness. I just wouldn't want to SEE it necessarily. Giggling at each other like schoolgirls is about the limits of what I can take.

*snickers* I love sportsmen who don't think before they speak.

Now that I think about it, though, it kinda' goes with his Trent Reznor look.

Hehehe well there is that too :)

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