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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Barry Zito

Well, at least I got the bobblehead

You know, the nice thing about Zito starts is that it's enjoyable whether he wins or loses. He gave up not one, but two 3-run homers! I guess somebody already went on break. I was impressed that he can throw from the edge of right field to the the edge of left field in warm ups, though.

It was a beautiful day at the park, though, warm and sunny and it was completely packed. People (like me) like free shit.

Brian Wilson and Barry Zito

This makes me laugh hysterically. Then I start weeping.

The program I bought today was really good! Mostly because it's all about the pitchers, and I lurve the pitchers.

Matt Cain (unlike fucking Brian Wilson and Barry Zito) lives in the city! He has a house in Noe Valley with his fiancee. Apparently they moved to Marin but then missed the city, so they moved back. <3 <3 <3

They asked the starters to describe each other, and this is what they said:

Tim Lincecum
Cain: "Unorthodox"
Zito: "Loose" :( :( :( :( :( :(

Matt Cain
Zito: "Competitive"
Sanchez: "Cy Young"
Lincecum: "Corn-fed" OMG they love each other so much!

Barry Zito
Cain: "Rhythm guy" I don't quite know what that means but it upsets me.
Sanchez: "Smart" Oh no, he sounds like a Zeetling.
Lincecum: "Out there" *chortles*

Jonathan Sanchez
Cain: "Effortless" Matty is such a sweetie.
Zito: "Suave" Err, Rico Suave?
Lincecum: "Filthy" Again, uncomfortable.

Then there was an entire article about relievers, which can be summed up by Affeldt: "Bullpen guys tend to be a little bit... crazier." There was also something from Brian Wilson, where he demonstrates his ability to be a sensitive jackass:
"We get trashed nonstop in LA," says closer Brian Wilson. "We're told that each and every one of us is the worst pitcher in the world. Well, there's only one pitcher who can be the worst, so who is it? It doesn't bother me because I know I'm not the worst. Now come up with something better. So I have a Mohawk that looks like a mullet. Awesome. Well, that's not conducive to my pitching bad. What else do you have?"

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Oh man, I really want a program too now. Damn.
I love our pitchers so much. They really love each other a lot. <3

You should get one, it's totally worth it!!! It's got Randy Johnson, Timmy and Zito on the cover.

I think there is special love between Timmy and Matty. They're always giggling together like schoolgirls. :)

Oh gosh, I was watching the press conference for the All Star Game, and I swear Timmy just slashed himself with Matt again.

He not only slashed himself with Matty (which he does ALL THE TIME it seems) he revealed their life of bondage and domination!!!

Brain cracks me up.

Also bobbleheads! I have one in New Zealand somewhere.

One of the best things CSN Bay Area ever did was to give him a video camera and tell him to record his life.

Gah! You're making me want to enjoy the Giants. You and stupid fucking Zito. I do genuinely enjoy Matt Cain's pitching, though.

BOBBLEHEADS. Whenever I go over to my friend Kate's house, I always spend at least five minutes playing with her Bill King bobblehead. It's sad.

I was totally seduced by the nice park and stupidly likeable (or at least entertaining) pitchers. And Emmanuel Burriss even though his foot is broken right now. Bah!

I didn't understand bobbleheads when I first heard of them and I... still don't, really. Yet I collect them. Cain, Zito and Wilson are now huddled in a corner on my shelf.

Aww! I've got Patrick Sharp and Jonathan Toews and the two-headed Norm Coleman/Al Franken thing from St. Paul. I sort of want to know who invented the first bobblehead.

Wiki knows all. it's pretty cool that the Giants were the first baseball team to do the bobblehead giveaway thing.

I love my mini Vlasic bobblehead. :D


I didn't know (until Lira wrote a fic about it) that there was a Chavez marionette!!! (Umm, not helping, am I?)

SCREAM (twice -- once for the marionette, twice for the mention of baseball fic)!

It's in Lira's fic LJ. Annoy her on Facebook to add you, then go read this. *siiiiiiiiiiigh*

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