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Why am I awake?

*rubs eyes* Oh god it's way too early for me to be awake. *grumble*

We went to the wrong Britannia Arms! *shrieks* Apparently there's one downtown within walking distance of the Tank. We tried so hard to get to ... the wrong Britannia Arms! *shrieks again and hugs Lira*

You could say I went to the game last night with a sense of trepidation. Actually, I was clutching at my heart (*squish* Eww!) the entire time, especially during the penalty kill.

Who were those boys on the ice and what have they done with my Sharkies? *grin*

More screeching of names there has never been. There's all our boys and then "Trevor! Nazzy! Bert! Mo! Cookie!" and in a somewhat disgusted tone "Freaky Sedin twins!"

There was one Canucks fan sitting somewhere behind us. He kept yelling "Shoot!" Or maybe he was trying to sabotage them. Could there be anything more disruptive than hearing "Shoot!" if you were actually trying to shoot?

Oh God we killed penalties, four of them! And not just by repeatedly clearing the zone either! We tied up people and didn't leave them unhassled in front of the net and stuff! *shrieks*

We scored on the power play! *tackles Fahey* *bounces off* Dude, our special teams were good last night! *shrieks*

Actually I'm still kind of stunned and in disbelief. Lira and I were saying that we were probably in flannerflyer's dream. *giggle* Except that Lira wasn't black.

Ooh and they tied up Natuzzison!!! *hugs Thorty, Cheech and Reech* At one point there was a Sharkie-Nazzy-Sharkie sandwich in our corner. I'm not sure but I find that really funny. *giggles insanely*

Thorty and Cheech were very friendly. Cheech sure does gets around. Hmm, and then Sunny ignoring Thorty. Hmm ...

Oh and Nazzy was kind of grumpy, ignoring Bert's yapping at the faceoff.

The Ducklings are playing today! It's so very very wrong that three of my five favorite teams are in the same division. *shakes head*

*yawn* Can I go back to sleep yet? *sniffle* Maybe I'll play one of bazillion computer games in my stockpile.

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