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He finally did it

I shrieked and babbled endlessly at Tammy on Friday over the phone so it's possible I have nothing left to say. (Or it may be that I've forgotten everything by now. My memory doesn't go back that far!)

I turned the TV on just in time to catch someone saying "... there are no changes in the lineup" and I flipped out cos' I thought that meant that Petr was going to be in the game and might get to raise the Cup and then as the players came out and I saw Miro and no Petr and got that sinking feeling and about 5 minutes into the game they said that Petr was out and Miro was in and HOW IS THAT NO CHANGES IN THE LINEUP YOU FUCKING BASTARDS???

Anyway, at that point I was bummed and hoping that the Wings would win (so Marian would win, basically) but figuring that the Pens most likely would. I picked them at the start of the series, but I really didn't think it would take them 7 games to win it. Anyway, it didn't occur to me that just because Petr wasn't playing in the game, he wouldn't be allowed to raise the Cup. Which in retrospect seems really heartless if that's actually a rule. :P The idea of him winning and not being able to raise the Cup yet again was kinda' depressing.

So I was kinda'... watching unsurely but after the game ended, I was really excited. And then I saw Petr join the pile in his jersey and I started crying cos' that's when I realised I was going to see him raise the Cup. I'm a little disturbed that it was MIRO who handed him the Cup and that he snuggled with many people, including Crosby, Malkin and Dupuis, but I love that he swore loudly on camera and NBC had to mute the audio.

I love that Malkin won the Conn Smythe because he really deserved it and I enjoy his playing style (and if Osgood won it I might have thrown up a little, like when Brad Richards won it). And I like that MAF proved the doubters wrong. He may not be an elite top 5 goalie, but you don't have to be to win the Cup. In any case, MAF >>> Osgood.

I also like that this year Emrick didn't talk and talk and talk and I was able to just enjoy all those shots of boys being happy and celebrating and knowing that they've earned it because they all played their hearts out. It's not the same in football or basketball where a lot of the teams have selfish individuals and there's so much turnover and so few games that they don't really seem like a family. And in baseball, the boys don't suffer. Going through the NHL playoffs is like war.

Mostly, I'd been concerned over the past few years, especially with all of the Finals losses, that he would never ever get to raise the Cup. But he did. :D :D :D

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