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Now that's the Brian Wilson I remember

Wow, Brian Wilson did not suck tonight. *gasp* I do have kind of a grudging respect though that even when he was overthrowing madly all over the place and loading the bases he was still able to get saves. Zito was great for 4 innings then crapped out in the 5th, in other words he was classic Zito.

Apparently Zito still has his own house but has a room at Brian Wilson's place because it's nearer to the GG Bridge. I'm not sure if this makes me feel better or worse. It's like if they're just living together, it's just two idiots in a house, but when Zito has his own place and a room at Brian's, it brings in this whole weird dynamic of like the gf who won't commit and has to have her escape route.

I don't know why I just made Zito the girl in the relationship.

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