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Will he get to raise the Cup this time?

One roster change and it's totally different for me. I am so excited for Game 7. :D And I just heard something that says Alex Smith is "surging" in 49ers mini-camp??? I desperately want him to win back the #1 position. I might even take our learning disability QB over Shaun Hill or uhh... umm... I can't remember the other chump we had last year.

I never ever ever ever wanted to hear the words "Crosby wanted Malkin in the worst way". Seriously. I don't need to hear Emrick reciting what sounds like badfic. :(

Kruk and Kuip (especially Kruk) are starting to bother me. :( I get irritated by cutesy baseball nicknames for stuff that happens and Kruk has it coming out of his ass. And he always makes baseball players sound like they're doing the most amazing things in the world and it's like... okay, he threw a ball in a straight line. I much prefer the really mellow kind of baseball announcer who sounds like they're just loving and enjoying every aspect of how comfy and lazy and sunny (most of the time) and American baseball is. :P
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