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What is this "QB" you people speak of?

Pretty good game yesterday. The nice thing about the games being on NBC is the HD. I was even able to tune Emrick out mostly! The Pens looked like they could have taken their play to a higher level. Part of it was the Wings playing good defense but they also seemed like they were holding back a bit. The Pens need to take advantage of the fact they're healthier by jus going all out.

Turned on CSN CA this morning and some guys were discussing what it would take for the 49ers to get Michael Vick. It's an exciting prospect just because we need a QB. I would still like Alex Smith to be the guy and maybe he could still be eventually but not really holding my breath for that. Vick has problems beyond "just" the dogfighting thing, but if he stays out of trouble and gets close to the level he played at in Atlanta? Wow.

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