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Perhaps next I'll have the strength to watch the Zito thing

So I finally watched Life of Brian and it's pretty much one of the best things ever. He is forgiven for many things for this. However, he did get me at Rock Band. *siiiiigh* I was enjoying the show and he was giving a tour of the house and started talking about "Barry's room" at which point I screamed "FUCK!", paused the show and turned the TV off. Completely by reflex. It's not bad enough they lived together in the off-season they have to do it now too? WTF happened to Barry's "serious" gf? Did they break up? He posted some weird emo thing to Twitter a while back but I thought that was just him attempting to sound deep and philosophical.

*ahem* Anyway, if you want to watch it, even if it's just for Zito's room (which has "pillars" in it), video is here.

If you're not watching it, let me summarize:
  • Brian Wilson is a ninja with the metabolism of a field mouse.

  • He covets Zito's shower because it is fully glassed in and his only has half glass. He says Zito likes to take baths. Brian doesn't like to take baths. He says it's because he wasn't raised on baths. What he really means is that he thinks baths are gay.

  • He declares in the morning that it's not going to rain. Then it rains like a mofo.

  • He has Odwalla in his fridge. :D Or maybe that's Zito's. Hmm.

  • HE PLAYS ROCK BAND. Expert guitar on Mississippi Queen, Say It Ain't So and Enter Sandman, which are relatively easy songs on guitar. HE DOES NOT ALT-STRUM. His buddy plays drums on hard. I don't blame him.

So I was already in somewhat of a state when abby20 channeling joolzie told me about the following updates from Allan Walsh, Petr Sykora's agent:

Got a call from client Petr Sykora. He was out today in Pitt and a copperhead rattlesnake jumped out from a stairway and almost bit him.
Apparently, copperheads are quite common in Pitt. Scared the hell out of him!
Seriously, I am light-headed right now. I can't think of a more Petr thing to happen.
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