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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Tim Lincecum

I don't know that Buster is an improvement over Gerald

I guess the Canes can take that much-needed nap now.

I like that Crosby gathered up Malkin and Gonchar to go touch the Prince of Wales trophy together. It's been fun watching Malkin and MA Fleury but it's just not the same watching the Pens without Petr. *sniffle* I have many thoughts about the upcoming SCF but it's a little premature to formalize them before the West series ends.

Timmy pitched 8 shutout innings, got walked and scored a run last night. :) I was really tempted to go to that game cos' it was $11 off with the strikeout discount but I'm glad I didn't go even though it was a good game. Been so tired this week, zzz.

I didn't know that Timmy's mysterious ailment at the beginning of the season was bronchitis. All I know is that he looked all old and haggard and he should NEVER GET SICK AGAIN. Also, apparently Marco Scutaro had a wider stance (heh heh) when he was batting with 2 strikes and now he does that all the time and his OBP has gone up a lot? I guess that explains why he was so clutch. *sniffle*

Caught an interview with Buster Posey, the #2 Giants prospect and I can already tell that I will love him deeply if/when he plays for the Giants. He's all articulate and analytical and serious and mature and calm. And is 12 years old (but doesn't look it).

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I don't know about the guys themselves but I know this Canes FAN will be taking a very long nap...like a month long!

It was a great, dramatic run.

I like that Crosby wont let superstition get him down. I mean if the wings win (er maybe the hawkes) it's because of playing, not touching a stupid trophy.

It was VERY superstitious, I think! He did it because he didn't touch it last year and they lost.

Scutaro's "clutch" numbers are actually worse than his career numbers. Which is ... strange. He seemed to come through right when you REALLY needed him to though.

Why oh why did we trade him ....

Yeah, I guess the times when he comes through are really memorable so it seems like he's super clutch.


Is Petr hurt or something? I haven't really watched, so I didn't know he wasn't playing.

You never really know. I think he's injured enough that it's hampering his performance but not injured enough that he can't play. He "bags himself" (his words!) at practice, apparently.

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