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Second breakfast is not just for hobbits!

Been idly following the TV show renewals and cancellations and Medium has survived! i wouldn't say I love the show but I quite enjoy it. I'm a fan of shows about families where there's lots of arguing but everyone loves each other (Friday Night Lights and Brothers & Sisters are also like that).

It's also weird that the oldest daughter is taking PSATs. It's like, what? You're 12 years old!!! Also, what are PSATs?

Summer TV is almost here. More Leverage and Burn Notice!!! And time to catch up on some other shows. I started re-watching Season 1 of Buffy. Obligatory "OMG EVERYONE IS SO YOUNG!!!" reaction. After listening to Joss Whedon's commentary I appreciate Sarah Michelle Gellar's acting a lot more. I never thought she was bad but thought she was constrained in her role simply because she was the "straight man" but there's actually a lot to work with in that role. And I thought Angel was mostly serious and only showed his humorous side later in the show but it's actually there in the first two episodes too.

Today's Softer World is awesome.
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