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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Second breakfast is not just for hobbits!

Been idly following the TV show renewals and cancellations and Medium has survived! i wouldn't say I love the show but I quite enjoy it. I'm a fan of shows about families where there's lots of arguing but everyone loves each other (Friday Night Lights and Brothers & Sisters are also like that).

It's also weird that the oldest daughter is taking PSATs. It's like, what? You're 12 years old!!! Also, what are PSATs?

Summer TV is almost here. More Leverage and Burn Notice!!! And time to catch up on some other shows. I started re-watching Season 1 of Buffy. Obligatory "OMG EVERYONE IS SO YOUNG!!!" reaction. After listening to Joss Whedon's commentary I appreciate Sarah Michelle Gellar's acting a lot more. I never thought she was bad but thought she was constrained in her role simply because she was the "straight man" but there's actually a lot to work with in that role. And I thought Angel was mostly serious and only showed his humorous side later in the show but it's actually there in the first two episodes too.

Today's Softer World is awesome.

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PSAT = a test that high school students take to prepare for the regular SAT. You take it in the fall of your sophomore and junior year, and it's also the test that they use to determine National Merit scholars. It's very much like the regular SAT, but considerably shorter (coming in at just over 2 hours), and it doesn't include an essay.

Love, your friendly neighborhood SAT tutor.

Edited at 2009-05-22 07:08 pm (UTC)

Uh. Don't you take them in junior high, and take your SATs in sophomore/junior year?

You take your SATs in junior and senior year -- some students take the PSAT before sophomore year ss well in recent years, though.

If you take them senior year, do you have enough time to apply to schools?

Yep... you usually take (retake) them in September, October, early November, and the application deadlines are mostly after Thanksgiving. I've had students who take the test twice in their junior year and again in fall of senior year. It's kind of crazy.

I don't remember having to do an essay for the SATs but that was over 15 years ago, so. :P I was going to say that it seems unnecessary given that you have so many chances to take it, but then I realized that Americans don't really take any other national standardized tests before that.

LOL that softer world is totally awesome!! :D

and I dont know from psat's either ;p

It's just kind of a nice reminder that you can get good things out of misery, too. Like the best writing tends to come out of depression, haha.

hah that is totally true! lol

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY back in the day we took PSAT's in 8th grade.

today's softer world is something too many people would be happy about :(

I just started watching heros! FInally, we have had the DVD for 18 months or something. Does the second season really suck? I'll probably get it anyway.

The second season is when things started going horribly and then it really tanked the season after that. The good news is that they fired the people in charge and brought the original creator back in so I'm cautiously optimistic for next season.

We've been watching the first season of Buffy, too! It's funny watching Joss Whedon's style evolve as much as anything.

There were definite glimmers of the humour and screwing with expectations, but it's not really obvious how good the show is going to be. I'm a little weirded out by how wimpy Darla is in the pilot, though. I wouldn't even have minded if they'd killed her off (as originally planned) and then brought the actress back to play the "new" Darla character. Err, meaning playing a different character.

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