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Chuck renewed!

Eee! Joffrey!

This is great news. :) This makes the... 4th series(?) that I was concerned was going to get canceled but didn't this season. (Friday Night Lights, Fringe and Dollhouse)

I was going to wait to see if they fuck up the final season of Supernatural before deciding to get the DVDs, but... they're selling them pretty cheap on Amazon so I couldn't resist.

Just watch, now S5 will be a weekly parade of crotch-kicking moments. Hell on earth, indeed.

Oh yeah, I was going to write about my weekend. Friday night was the Mets/Giants game with tersa. TIMMY wasn't great for Timmy. :( He had location problems and gave up 3 runs but got charged for another 2 when Merkin Valdez gave up a double with the bases loaded. >.< Ease that kid into pressure situations, please.

Saturday was Alex's baby's birthday and there was a party! With cake and ice cream and balloons, whee!

Sunday was Mets/Giants with lastcatastrophe! It was TIMMY bobblehead night but we were ROBBED and they ran out even though we were there an hour early. *sniffle* At least Matt Cain won (6 shutout innings!) despite struggling in the first 2 innings and Brian Wilson got the save. *gasp*

Some obnoxious fool ANSWERED HIS PHONE DURING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM and then proceeded to very loudly say that he'd call back later because we were singing the "whatchamacallit" but he talked for most of the anthem anyway. Shouting.
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