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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Vegas flight is booked! Next task is to get several formerly underage girls into a room together.

So last night I got home, secluded myself and watched both Game 7s. Great, close games. Tough goal for Hiller, though, it looked to me like his leg was pushed but after thinking about it, it doesn't seem that a goalie (all goalies have super!legs) would have his leg pushed that easily.

Anyway, after the Wings game ended, I thought, hmm, Original Six match up, that's pretty cool. Then I realised it was going to be MARTY VS MARIAN and sat up in bed and may have started bouncing. Then they showed Zetterberg and I thought OMG AND THERE'S A MARTY CLONE ON THE WINGS HOW DOES THIS ALL FIT TOGETHER???

I was going to give names to all of the series in the previous round, but beyond NHL bukkake nothing really occurred to me and then I got distracted by food or something. But I have them for this round!

Chicago vs. Detroit: MARTIAN LOVE
I think this may be the most exciting series I've seen in ages!!! :P What if Marty's line is matched up against Marian's? Or Marty vs. Zetterberg? *head explodes* If I was sensible I would pick Detroit to win. But the resilience (why do people keep saying resiliency when there's a perfectly good word that means the same thing that's shorter by a syllable?) of the Blackhawks is one of those things that can be transcendent in the playoffs. So I'll pick Chicago, although I'd slightly rather Detroit win so that Marian has a chance to win the Cup.

Carolina vs. Pittsburgh: FRATRICIDE
I could have gone with Staal vs. Staal, but I think the idea of them trying to kill each other is much more entertaining! I mean, who didn't enjoy Jordan Staal dying of AIDS? Right? Right??? Anyway, I think the Canes might be tired after playing all those Game 7s and need a nap so I'll pick Pittsburgh.

Was it the finale of Supernatural last night? If it was and you watched it, I have a poll for you...

Will the Supernatural finale make me feel like I've been kicked in the crotch?


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MARTIAN MARTIAN MARTIAN. I vastly prefer Chicago, but I'd also like Marian to have a chance at the Cup . . . huh. I'm cheering for the West either way, so I guess it's win-win again.

"Fratricide" is one word for it. >.< I'm pretty sure that Cam Ward will blink, Carolina will return to mediocrity, and Pittsburgh will win easily.

That was a great Game 1 despite Emrick's shrieking. Usually I'm not fussy (I have no complaints about McGuire), but wish I'd had the CBC feed for that.

I... can see that happening. Mostly I think there's a limit to Game 7 miracles.

Actually, I don't know what happened but I don't think CBC's carrying either team this round! Or not all of the games anyway, because I had to deal with Emrick on TSN's feed. :(

Yeah, definitely.

I just assumed that there would be a CBC feed! I'm very sorry that he was inflicted on you. :( I don't know why people think he's so great. I find his observations very blah, and he's always trying to phrase things in an "eloquent" way and, sorry, it's just unimpressive.

J;DKJS;DKA plus, Zetterberg and Jesus Havlat have very very similar career stats WHAT IS THIS SHIT!!

Marty's line will probably be matched up against whichever can be considered Detroit's top line, so to be honest, the Martian matchup stands a really good chance of happening.

That is quite surprising! I'd always thought of Zetterberg being generically younger than him.

I kind of squeed and died at the same time when Marty was charging to the net and Marian was backchecking furiously. Or as Emrick likes to call him--Cleary.

I'll got for pens vs chigao because that will make the greatest number of my f-list happy.

I have no concern for my friends list ahahahaha!

"I think they have a lot of depth, just like we do," Lidstrom said. "Havlat, even though he's had some injuries over the years, he's got that great speed and he's good at protecting the puck. There are some similarities to the way Hossa plays with that burst of speed he has and being able to protect the puck."


I'm not sure how you'll feel (or if you've watched it by now), but I really liked the Supernatural finale. :)

I liked it too! I think it was the best of the finales so far (not that it had to try too hard to do that). There weren't any big twists, it was generally predictable but that's not a bad thing because at least it mostly made sense.

I'm looking forward to hell on earth, muahahaha!!!

I think the only thing that surprised me was that killing Lillith was the final seal. I knew Sam would be responsible for it one way or the other, but I did like that.

Haha, me too!

i liked the way that Ruby's "training" played into that. Well, I guess all along she'd said that was the ultimate goal but it put it into new light.

I was fearful that they would turn Sam into a Big Bad and pit brother against brother and fail utterly at making it believable/interesting.

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