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The Invincible M.A.E.

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It gets good right at the finale of course

I really really really like Fringe now. I mean at first I was like, umm, okay so this is sort of an X-Filesish show where people get killed in weird ways every week but it's gotten so good the past couple of episodes. I think a large part of it is that it reminds me of the Half-Life computer games. But the reveal of what Walter did was amazing. I'm really looking forward to next season. :)

[Edit: Spoilers in comment thread!]

Caught the end of American Idol (unintentionally) and umm, that Lambert guy is a good singer, but he's kind of fugly. I don't know. I don't really care so much about performers as about music. But if a show is completely about performing, I don't want to watch some fugly guy.

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But! He could be the first openly bisexual winner of Idol.

So I hear. I don't get FOX, but occasionally Myr downloads some of the performances if everyone's talking about them.

I was excited for Fringe, but I didn't make it past the first two episodes. (And now we don't get local channels)

Oh, I'd forgotten about that! That would be really cool. Oh man, first a black president and then a bisexual American Idol winner! This might be too much progress to take! :P

I did really like his interpretation of Cryin' though. The 30 seconds I caught.

Yeah, it was just kind of... adequate at first but it became really cool in the second half of the season! You could always *cough* download episodes.


We're too busy catching up on 24 and Mentalist to DL anything else right now ;) (Especially considering we have to leave our house to download, more often than not)

Ooh, The Mentalist is so much fun. :) I've never watched 24 before, though!

I hadn't watched 24 either, until Myr started converting me. I especially like the female FBI agent who's in it this season; I don't know if I'd have liked it as much in years past without her.

And The Mentalist! Was totally the first show I've followed realtime since ... wow, Farscape season 4?

But I have to say it's getting a tad bit redundant lately. That is, I'd like to see some eps that aren't about rich Malibu people, you know?

I actually got the impression that most of them are set in Northern California. Or maybe I just notice those more.

I thought it wasn't so much that he was openly bisexual, as it was that he has not confirmed or denied the various rumors about his sexuality?

I thought he was out as being gay! At least, that's what my evangelical roommate said when I got back from spring break and said, "now, I really don't know what he is because I could see him being gay but I could also see him being straight .... either way, he has a set of pipes on him."

Of course, she may have just assumed.

Kris is adorable and the only reason I watch American Idol.

I think they showed him a bit at the end when telling people how to vote! He's a cutie. :)

Fringe is awesome. When Walter was walking through the graveyard, Aaron said "I wonder if..." and then the name on the gravestone appeared and we both freaked. We kinda guessed it, but it still tripped us out. Loved it! I hope it comes back. I liked it better than this season of Heroes and I never thought I'd say that.

I feel like they really improved a lot after the break!

I got suspicious with the strange coin (that seemed to be from the other reality) and Walter telling Peter about him being a coin collector as a kid and Peter not remembering it and Walter saying that he took something precious or something like that. But I wasn't sure until they showed the gravestone.


And it's definitely been renewed! In fact episodes should start coming out in early September because Fox tends to start their fall season a month early to make up for October when they'll be showing the playoffs.

Heroes has really gone downhill overall. :(

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