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So, apparently Casey Blake mocked Brian Wilson's post-save celebration after he hit a home run off him in the 12th inning, tying the game.

Though thrilled with their 13-inning victory, they were considerably less than thrilled with Los Angeles third baseman Casey Blake, who appeared to mock San Francisco closer Brian Wilson's post-save celebration in the Dodgers dugout after hitting a game-tying solo homer off Wilson in the bottom of the 12th.

Several Giants saw what Blake did, and Wilson received a photo of it on his cell phone after the game. The comments that came out of the clubhouse from Wilson and his teammates were terse at best, suggesting that another contentious chapter in the often heated rivalry was underway.
What angered the Giants is that Wilson's celebration -- he turns his back to the plate and crosses his arms, the index finger of his pitching hand pointing skyward -- is a tribute to his late father and his Christian faith. The general consensus was that Blake had crossed a line, and it was a hot topic on the flight home from Southern California.

Okay, so. I don't think Casey Blake knew about the whole dead father and God thing. I mean, as far as I know, it's a OMR MMA thing. Which he has actually said before. If you don't know what it's about, it just looks retarded. Unless the Giants knew for sure that Blake knew what it meant, there's no reason to get mad at him.

At least Brian Wilson had a good attitude about it which is that everyone thinks he has stupid hair and makes fun of him all the time anyway so he doesn't care. :P
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