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Brian Wilson is a Zeetling

They interviewed Zito after his start last week and asked him about Brian Wilson and this is what he had to say about their summer living together:
We were on each other, uhh, I don't think either of us was uhh, lazier than the other. Couple of times, one of us wasn't up to it, and the other one was like, hey dude, come on, this is what we gotta do, so let's go.
Our cheat day was on Sunday, so every Sunday night we would go to a great restaurant here in LA and uhh, you know, just dominate (and eat enough calories for the week).


But on the bright side, there's this new show called The Life of Brian that's all about Brian Wilson!!!!!! He basically carries a video cam around with him and films himself doing stuff. Umm, I mean, like... talking and driving and playing Rock Band (HEE!!!) things like that. From the bits I've seen, he 1) seems like a jackass and 2) lives in Marin (OMG IS SAN FRANCISCO NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU PEOPLE???) which means he probably lives near Zito. :(

I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!! And! It's going to be a monthly show! So there will be like... a constant supply of Brian Wilson throughout the year! I can barely contain myself.

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