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The Invincible M.A.E.

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TV and movie stuff

Caught up on a bunch of TV. Heroes finale kinda' sucked. Hopefully next season will be a fresh new start. Or something. Lost is the best it's ever been. Dollhouse has actually gotten quite good. Too bad it's been cancelled. Or probably getting cancelled. Whatever. Supernatural has been good for a while. Feels like I'm due to get superkicked in the crotch. I liked the Chuck finale. It was very true to the spirit of the show. But with that ending, they have to continue it, right?

I watched the first episode of Southland and it has a very realistic feel to it, but I'm not sure that's something that appeals to me. Basically, it's depressing to see people get killed. I find this okay on the 48302702 cop shows I watch because it's very obviously not real. It's all about the puzzle and mystery and the relationships between the main cast. But in Southland the main character is very... well, there's this running joke that he's Canadian, and he's just this guy who's sorta' shell-shocked and doesn't really react to much or interact with people and again maybe that's actually what people are like in real life but... not sure I want to watch that.

New Harper's Island last night! I was disappointed, though, nobody got murdered! The only death was an accidental shooting. How lame is that? There was an awesome (positive) mini-review of the show in Entertainment Weekly that says it's "delightfully cliched and cheesy" and it totally is! Plus a perfect observation: "no one ever casually enters a room, they just POP OUT LIKE A MAD SLASHER."

If I was falling in love with Better Off Ted before, I'm now head over heels thanks to the racial sensitivity episode. The plot is that the motion sensors at the company can't detect black people. So they hire minimum wage white people to follow the black people around. It is awesome almost beyond belief. :P

Oh oh oh and even though it's cold and rainy in San Francisco summer is almost here and this means movies!!! I'm really excited for Terminator Salvation, Star Trek, Half-Blood Prince and Transformers 2. I really want Terminator to do well in hopes that it might save the TV show. :P But I think it looks really good on its own. The trailers for Public Enemies and G.I. Joe seemed interesting and apparently they got a good director to do Wolverine so I might give that a chance, although I'm really still quite scarred from X-Men 3 so I'll have to overcome that. The summer has already gotten off to a good start with Fast & Furious which was better than the best summer movie of last year so I'm hopeful! :)

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I just went and Googled it. Man, you can't expect me to know that was a gay bar at the end there. You need to have guys walking around in assless pants and giving blowjobs in the hallway before I clue in!

So it's worth watching? I'm kind of on the fence.

omg, I totally missed that too! And I even read the gay blogs!

The show's good, though. Worth watching.

I think I was also thrown off cos' I thought the guy he had talked to at the bar had been arrested earlier for soliciting a (female) prostitute. Ahh well, hooray for the internet!

I shall keep watching! :)

I don't know. I watch it every week and it just like.. shows you a bunch of crap. It doesn't really do anything. Pretty much it's like being a cop--every day the same old shit in a shitty world. I think I just have the hots for that one detective dude and am living vicariously through Tammy.

But for me it's like you and SF shows. Anything with LA in it makes me watch it!

So that's why you watch so much TV, half of all TV shows are set in LA!!! :P

Well, not that many are actually set in LA, but I do get inappropriately excited when a tv show not set in LA uses LA... which is quite frequent.

Oh that totally counts! I stopped watching Monk after they stopped filming on location in SF.

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